Moose Nails a Monster

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by shaman, Apr 20, 2021.

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    The Shamanic Dream Team is sweeping SW Bracken County clean of birds. Moose and Remnar were out this morning at the new blind at Dead Skunk. Moose had one come in to 25 yards before putting him down. It had inch-and-an-eighth spurs. This was Remnar's first turkey hunt. He's blown away.

    More Pics and the Full Story Here:

    Moose Nails a Monster

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    Southern wva
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    Congratulations, I like the picture
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    What's somewhat amazing about all this is the finer details.

    1) Despite being a member of the Shamanic Dream Team since its inception, honorable #2 son, Moose has not been a big turkey hunter. He's only witnessed on turkey being taken before, and that was years ago. Off on his own, he got busy with work and family and always had a hard time getting out. Squirrel is much more his bag.
    2) Remnar had never been out so much as scouting turkeys before. We've been bringing him along since last summer, but he got jammed up at work over the winter and never had a chance to come out on the weekends. All that changed last week, and at the last minute we were able to get him to come out.
    3) That bird was at least 3 years old and possibly more. We haven't hunted Gobbler's Knob much since SuperCore stopped coming out. Y'all tell me: what's a 1 1/8 spur indicate? That bird hopped down off the roost and walk straight at the blind -- total distance maybe 200 yards or more. This isn't the first time a mature bird has done that on our property either.
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    That is great,congrats!!
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    4 is mho. When they reach an inch I consider them a 3 yr old. After that is where I consider it to get hard to tell how old they are. Great turkey no matter.
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    Good job Moose!!!
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    I hunted a monster Tom few years ago, he had 2” spurs at least and 12 inch or better beard, I got under his roost 3 times and every time he went different directions, could have roost blasted him but that’s not responsible, landowner said he was 5/6 years old, he had his same area for years , no body messed his pattern up and no hunting pressure, had a deep raspy gobble and looked like a whiskey barrel, ol birds are different than the younger ones and kind of rare my opinion
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