Mineral Lick DIY... Garlic?

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    Gonna post this to a couple of forums to get the most responses I can...

    After trying to maintain several mineral sites with multiple products I’ve come to the conclusion that these ‘deer minerals’ are effective but also a ridiculously over priced marketing tool; hence the obvious word “deer” on the packages. That said I’ve moved to DIY mineral sites that are super cheap and have the exact same minerals that these compananies use to take our money.

    The mix I’m playing around with right now is pretty popular among DIYers (Dicalcium Phosphate, Generic Trace Minerals, and a Salt Mix) all of which come from the grain store. I’m trying to take this blend to the next level by incorporating a tick/fly defense to the blend for this summer. My thought is garlic powder but I’m not sure if it will act as a repellant due to odor. Has anyone tried this before? Ratios? What other cheap ingredients have you tried to attract deer to the sites (taste or aroma) that might counter the garlic? Thanks!
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