Member of Biden administration charged

Oct 25, 2022
Freak show indeed. The commies have made the entire government a freak show. Their ideology gives us freaks like this in highly placed positions while propagating the murders of innocent kids. Well...innocent white kids I guess I should say.



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Dec 19, 2017
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Club it like a baby seal ,its a sick individual , what purpose does it have its disgusting they can say what they want that was not born like that the way it dresses is all choice , why in the hell would you want something like it representing anything , not they he is gonna be charged or see prison but if so he will be holding some ones pocket


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Jan 12, 2006
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Between this, his secretary of transportation (Gay Pete), Camel Toe, and his assistant health secretary ("Ms. Rachel Levine"), I don't know what to think of his traveling freak parade. Even middle of the road Democrats should feel embarrassed over this shit.

They should, and more than likely many do, but they won't say one damn word against it for fear of being shunned by the ones that don't have the guts to oppose the perverted Democrat leadership.

Plus .... many of them are probably getting some kind of government 'assistance' and they sure wouldn't want to risk losing that.


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Jan 2, 2009
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Sup Ed....
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