10 pointer
May 27, 2016
Or, cut a gummy in half ?
Quick note, it’s not advisable to cut any pill that isn’t scored from manufacturer. Reason being is the active substance isn’t always distributed equally throughout the pill and you may get all or none depending on where you cut. If it is scored it is safe to cut/break


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Jul 13, 2003
Louisville, KY.
I get blood drawn for labs 2X a year, my doctor demands it before she’ll refill my BP meds. When I mentioned the frequency of night visits to the head increasing she said “welcome to your 50s”.
Well, I know 'making the trip' is tough. It's especially hard if you have daughters and take them fishing on a boat. Ha!

I've been thinking about just getting one of those astronaut suits and just go in my drawers while in bed (sorta new wave type pajamas, I guess)...kinda very presidential apparently these days.

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