So I haven’t been sleeping worth a crap lately, lots of work stuff on my mind, so I was recommended melatonin. I bought some 10 mg gummies and took one each of the past two nights. Both nights I was yawning within 30 minutes and the first morning felt just a bit groggy still and hungry. This morning I felt like I’d drank a pint of whiskey before bed, hungover like crazy and starving. I’m talking ravenous. My azz was dragging all day but finally felt better after hitting the woods awhile looking for morels. I researched it some and it looks like 10 mg is pretty big dose. Anybody got any experience with it? One of my buddies suggested magnesium glycinate supplements.


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Dec 23, 2014
I take 2 gummy’s 30 minutes before bed and I’m dragging and sleep hard for 2 hours and up off and on rest of night and feel little groggy in the mornings!


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Oct 11, 2005
I've found that not all melatonin is created equally. I have been taking 2 of these Rexall quick dissolve 30 minutes before I want to go to bed for several years. They work like a charm with no hangover in the morning. I feel like crap for an hour in the morning with the regular tablets.

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