Meat plants close.

Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by Wildcat, Apr 25, 2020.

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    I called Bellagio Las Vegas yesterday regarding my pending water fountain work, speaking with someone in reservations at great length about the shutdown, initially. They expect to have all reopened in Vegas by the end of the month. I cannot begin to imagine how much money the resorts have lost out there. I would not be surprised if their governor has received more than a heavy hand from the casinos, threat wise..., either, being that they are unaccustomed to losing money. A lot of steaks sold out there, pun intended.
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    I've worked in slaughter and meat packing plants for 33 years . The large plants are assembly lines with workers elbow to elbow . How they are going to keep one infected person from spreading the virus to the rest is nearly impossible . Their packed together in the work areas as well as the break rooms and cafeteria . As far as replacing the workers as they become ill , the average person doesn't have the stomach or the physical stamina for the work . Keeping the meat plants staffed and opened ( as with any factory where a large number of employees work in close proximity ) will only occur with "herd " immunity or a vaccine . Both will come in time , so plan on disruptions in meat and other supplies .
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