Mathews or Hoyt Retailer

Discussion in 'Archery Equipment' started by Tman6493, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. muddhunter

    muddhunter 12 pointer

    Oct 18, 2005
    Gun World in Harrison County Indiana. Good folks to work with. With the service I was getting at Kings, I decided to explore other options. Glad I did. I may also try that shop in New Haven. Probably a little closer.
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  2. Lumen

    Lumen Fawn

    Apr 24, 2020
    Bullitt County
    If you’re looking for a Mathews I promise you that you won’t find better than Gene and Bonnie at Bent Arrow in New Haven. If I remember correctly they’ve been there for 30+ years which is saying something in this day and age.
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  3. redlickranch

    redlickranch 8 pointer

    Dec 11, 2007
    Bullitt County
    BENT ARROW - Great folks and they have an indoor range.
    Address: 220 Gonza Clark Ln, New Haven, KY 40051

    Phone: (502) 549-8119
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  4. hollandhunter

    hollandhunter 12 pointer

    Feb 11, 2008
    Holland Kentucky
    Forks country store near mammoth cave was the best shop around for years and years but he got out of it. Truely sad cause i enjoyed going to buy bows and stuff from jim. Real good dude. I have bought my last 2 bows at mammoth outdoors in bg. There pretty new but have good prices and seem to be good folks as well. To me the price doesnt really matter. Im happy to pay a 100 dollers extra for a bow as long as the dealer provides good service. I got the new vxr28 this year and love it so far. Cant wait till archery season gets here already.

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