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  1. Dudes I got one of the best surround sound systems with a sub woofer and all in my basement and believe me....A Cinema ain't got squat on me and my basement for watching movies on my big 60" Big Screen TV...... I'll take my basement over a movie theatre any day of the week......:):D:)
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    I agree with u on most of this. Go eat before u go to the movie or sneak in some snacks and drinks. Always go use the restroom before u go in the movie regardless if you have to go. Oh and the movie for 2 was $18.

    What do u do if u have a girlfriend that continues to nag about wanting to see a movie and keeps complaining that we havent been on a date in forever and there is nothing else to do other than to go to the movies?
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    Granted I love watching movies at home as well, but you cant compare 60" to a movie theatre screen and surround sound for movies like Star Wars, Dark Knight, 300, etc... And then theres IMAX, if youve never seen a movie in IMAX theatre, you need to go watch one. Has anyone tried the Movie Tavern in Lexington?
  4. Well even after all my guided info for you all about the cost of going vs staying at home...Looks like the wife is going to drag me to see this movie with her...She says she doesn't want to cry by herself...I told her to take a girlfriend and you could cry on each other's shoulders or somethin.....

    Oh well, at least it isn't Sat. or Sun. when the football games will be on......I told her that was "MAN" time and I ain't miss'n no football games for her silly movie's......:cool:

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