Marine core disbanded tanks

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cedar creek, Apr 28, 2021.

  1. Lol I’m certain the business is owned by Howard Brandon who still has the first nickel he ever made.
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    Brandon Edminston... Howard's Grandson.
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    AirLand Battle is a word that the Military no longer uses but winning battles effectively is a combined arms endeavor. The Tank/Infantry Team is still Extremely effective when supported by artillery, aviation, the engineers and all the assorted support activities.

    Shrapnel has for the last 100 years been the biggest killer in large wars.... Tanks are almost immune to shrapnell. Small arms fire also... When Infantry and Armor are mutually supportive and backed by all the other branches, not much can stop them. Take the tanks out of the picture and You lose mobility and go back to static warfare in many scenarios.
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    Exactly Correct. The German Army in WW 2 introduced this mobile warfare to great effect and WE copied it. As long as you have the Panzer Grenadiers along, the Tanks are well protected from other infantry.
    The US Armed forces have been turned into a Social Experiment with this WOKEassed crap they are pushing. It's worse that you can believe folks.
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    I don't know ANYTHING about military warfare but ... if it's going the same way everything else is that the government's involved in ... I have no problem believing you and wouldn't be surprised if you were being optimistic!
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    Given current rates wouldn't surprise me in the future if our military handed the nation over. Granted the government is making certain of that anyways. Wonder how much land China has to buy up before they take hold..
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    m no millitary expert, but im thinking the ones that make these decisions are. Most likely they are re routing that money spent on tanks for smart weapons, things that can be deployed to anywhere in the world, rapidly. Tanks cannot be air transported. Long slow journeys by ships can take weeks. The might of our millitary is air craft carriers in my amatuer opinion. We Trump the world in that field.
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    If you read the article, the Marine Leadership is not doubting the combat capability of tanks. They also had tanks forward deployed on pre positioning ships in Diego Garcia etc. Their issue is getting tanks from the ship to shore. I personally think it would be worth the money to design/build a modern day LST boat to haul tanks because THEY DO make that huge of an impact on the battlefield. We are very likely to find our military in another Blackhawk Down type small battle where Tanks would have reduced casualties on BOTH SIDES... Tanks were requested by the Rangers but the Clinton admin turned them down.... When the Marines had been in Mogadishu; They had tanks With them......

    And if we get into a Big war with China we will wish we built 20,000 M1A2s instead of the roughly 6,000 assorted M1s that we have in use or storage.

    A C-5 can carry one M1A2.
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    Because those globalists directing the Marine Corps knows they are going to be replaced by "robot tanks". These will be free from moral issues and concerns on what the targets are. Its not gonna stop at just the Marine Corps however.

    Expect to see "robot cops" on the street sometime in the future as well.

    You live in Buck Rodgers world.

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