Making improvements!!


8 pointer
Jan 23, 2009
A hunters paradise
Started doing a little timber improvements to my farm!! It was logged way back before I bought it. Seems they left all the beech trees… When I bought it in 2012, I had the forestry department come out and look at it. They said it’d be perfect for TSI, but at the time, there wasn’t enough funds for it. I said it then that I was just going to start doing some of it on my own. Ten years later… I’m finally getting around to working on it!! My goal is to improve my timber, but mainly for holding deer to my property. Hoping to create a thicket. The beeches have shaded out almost all the undergrowth of my property. I’ve kinda started in the center, and gonna work my way out. So far, I’ve girdled around 25 beeches in an area about 2 acres big. Most of them are about 2 to 3 feet in diameter. I cut some of the smaller ones down completely. I was told to be careful, because most are hollow. I did have one start to pop about the time I completed the circle around it. After about 10 minutes, it fell…. I’m enjoying the improvements, and have had some good helpers!!
The one that fell…..

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