Making a air gun a legal weapon to take Turkey .

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  1. I think most people today know how accurate today's air guns are . A air gun hunter spends hours behind the trigger to know exactly where the pellet is going to hit . They are not the toy bb guns you had as a kid . The hunting air guns are made for precision shot placement and when used with the expanding hollow point pellets now being made a well placed body shot on a Turkey is the most humane way to take a Turkey . The pellet expands inside a Turkey just like a bullet fired from a center fire gun expands inside a deer but on a smaller scale . The pellet has a limited range that is smaller than a shotgun shell blast that can send 100 pellets flying through the woods out to 300 yards that is pretty scary when you think about it and is not very safe for other hunters in the wood but this gun is allowed to be used as a legal weapon for Turkey despite being unsafe for anyone close by . The single pellet from a 22 caliber to the 30 caliber that are recommended for taking Turkey drop after about 100 yard making it a great choice for close range hunting like Turkey hunting . 15 to 30 yards is the best distance for shooting Turkey with a air rifle . The single pellet is aimed at the kill zone on the Turkey leaving no other pellets to go flying through the woods to hit other hunters like a shotgun shell would do. So using a air gun is also the safest weapon to use when the woods are full of hunters . As you well know more and more hunters are using air guns for hunting animals ranging from squirrels to coyotes with great success . Because of the airguns accuracy and the power behind the pellet at short range each shot is well placed by the hunter making the shot to kill ratio100 percent . Please look into making the air gun a legal weapon for airgun hunters all across Kentucky to use for taking Turkey. I can think of no good reason not to allow its use . They are safer for other hunters that might be close by in the woods , quieter , more accurate than any shot gun . I think the time has come to recognize the airgun use in Ky like it already has in other states as a very effective non power burning weapon for hunting . Airgun hunting is great if you have younger people in your life . Teaching them how to shoot a airgun until they have the experience to take to the field and go after that Turkey . Its safer ,quieter . no recoil , no ear damage , no sore shoulders and fun for then to shoot Watch this video . So my question is would you think about making a airgun a legal weapon for taking turkey in the near future ? And how does one go about getting a request like this to the people in charge of making that decision ? Don't you think its time to allow airgun hunters the same chance to take Turkeys as you do for shotgun hunters ? Thanks
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    I don't know if you hunt ducks and geese, but you might want to try in the waterfowl forum where people will gladly help him out. Go start one there about waterfowling with steel shot and an airgun they might be able to help you out

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    OH NO YOU DIDNT LOL!!!! Don't send him there. I am a Waterfowl hunter. He has already explained EVERYTHING about steel shot in his Coyote post. Im surprised us Duck hunters aren't killing Ducks at 400 yards with steel shot. The way he explained it. I must be doing something wrong.
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    Come on guys!!!!remember we are not to respond on any of his threads this is for fish and wildlife officials only please have some respect
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    You will be labeled a troll
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    I must have missed the coyote thread. I am just trying my best to help this guy out and I feel us waterfowlers would be more than welcoming of him in that forum

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    That’s me A number 1 troll
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  8. Once again I will post that the reason I call you guys trolls was because I was new to the forum and I read the name of the title which is
    Fish & Wildlife Questions
    Post New Thread

    This is the place to post questions you may have for Fish and Wildlife personnel to answer.

    So I thought anyone other than a Fish and Wildlife personnel that was posting comments was not supposed to do that and I typed this all out about why I call you people trolls for typing on that thread . After the admin told me there was no Fish and Wildlife personnel at all to answer and the regular members commented I understood . If the thread has changed the forum should delete the wording and reword it so new members won't think its a place for Fish and Wildlife personnel to answer. Its been over a year now and the words have not changed so expect the mistake to happen again . What I still don't understand is why members that know can't see that the title and words that follow would cause confusion to new members . As a new member I typed out I only wanted the Fish and Wildlife personnel answer to my question because I thought that this was a place for the Fish and Wildlife personnel to answer as the title indicated . So that's why I ask you guys to stop posting comments and I told you that I only wanted answers from the Fish and Wildlife personnel . I wasn't trying to be rude or anything I just didn't want anyone's comment other than the Fish and Wildlife personnel .
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    Airguns should be an option for for all game animals. Hell, I could kill a cape buffalo with a big bore airgun.
    . When KDFW is stricter on hunting laws than Kalifornia, things are getting pretty bad. What is happening up there?:confused:. Have the Lexington PETA loving libtards completely taken over our state?? What is next, a muslin governor? :rolleyes:o_O:eek:

    My name is Carl Childers and I approve this message.

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    Do they make a smooth bore air powered shotgun? I’ve tried putting multiple bb’s in my red rider and they don’t pattern very well. Any suggestions?
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    The key to Red Ryder is getting the inevitable drop and curve down - been working on that for years.
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    Oh Im quite proficient at the ol red Rider. I’ve had one for over 30 years. I just can’t get it to pattern with multiple projectiles so that I can use it turkey hunting in a couple weeks.
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    You must not have the Red Rider "jelly head" turkey choke.

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