Maine hunter shoots woman on her property

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by forager, Nov 9, 2017.

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    Folks, let's all be safe out there. Just because we follow the rules and make good decisions doesn't mean that everyone else will.

    I am posting several articles about this incident because the information is emerging and at this time can't be found in one article.

    The victim was on her property, was not wearing hunter orange, and the property boundaries were not marked with any signs.

    The hunter did not know exactly what he shot at. When the victim screamed, the hunter failed to render aid. After the hunter's father arrived to investigate the situation, the woman was dead.

    No one wins here. A person is dead, her family and friends lost a loved one, and the hunter now faces legal fees and possible jail time if he is convicted, as well as a possible civil suit.
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    Sadly, things like this seem to happen every year. No doubt we will here more terrible stories similar to this in the next couple of weeks.
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    Sep 30, 2014
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    Uh yeah something smells fishy here and it aint Hillarys day old Depends..
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    Eewww. I can't unread that.
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    I wouldn't get close enough to her to find out, and feel for you if you had to cross paths with that deplorable Democrat.

    Why do you question what happened as being strange?

    ****** Edited to say that accidents do happen, but not rendering aid is despicable. The hunter is 38 years old, not some youth on his or her first hunt. Heck, I know a number of kids who have more composure, compassion and courage than this guy.
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  8. What a tragedy.A dam 38 year old idiot.Fundamentals,know what you are shooting,and where your bullet is going
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    Some folks really are born stupid
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    And a coward to boot.
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    Sep 8, 2016
    What a shame. Prayers to her family. Dopes like this give hunters a bad name. Hell, they give every human being bad name.
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    Dude should go to jail. Period.

    Edit to add: I'm skeptical that this was an "accident"
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    truly a shame. What are you expecting if you are shooting at a "sound" or odd movement? Id spend 3 boxes of shells blasting at every acorn and squirrel bounce each sit. Im not sure what outcome you would expect? idiot.
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    I think they call that dysgenics...
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    It looks like Robert Trundy is out on bail, and will appear in court again in December.

    "The attorney described Trundy as “upset and grieving” for the Wrentzel family as well as worried about his own wife and son."

    Where was the remorse when he shot a woman on her own land and failed to render aid? Now his family has to deal with his actions.
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