Louisville Sika Deer


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Sep 9, 2010
louisville kentucky
Roughly where on the Snyder do folks see these on occasion? The Kid lives off of Beulah Church near McNeely Lake and would get a kick out of spotting them.

p.s. He just sent me a link where someone was trying to find a tracking dog after shooting a deer yesterday just off of Cooper Chapel.
Like meat stick said, between billtown rd and Taylorsville rd. I’ve seen them on the farm that has all the big nice elevated blinds you can see from the highway


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Feb 20, 2013
La Grange
Thanks for sharing the photos.

I saw the Sitka deer many years ago before I knew the story. I told a good friend that I saw a Sitka deer by Gene Snyder and he thought I was crazy. I knew what I had seen, but I even started doubting myself....I was so relieved when I read about the deer and how they got here.

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