Looks like im hunting this weekend

str8 shot

12 pointer
Nov 4, 2006
berea kantuckie
Well as it turns out,im not going to be leaving for Lake Norman until late sunday or early monday...so thank god ill be in the stand tomarow through sunday...last year i missed MZ and i hated it because of fishin,i like it almost as good as modern gun,hopefully i can wack one tomarow evenin with the ol hoyt,ill be in a stand i just hung this year and hasnt been hunted yet between bedding and biologic and turnips,ive got it hung right in a spot were bucks frequent every year and tear up with rubs and scrapes,but weve never hung a set there...well this year ill be waitin on him:Dgood luck everyone and be safe,hope everyone and there mommas kill booners:p

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