Looking for small breed dog that kills moles and voles.


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Jun 20, 2012
down a holler SE KY
I am looking for a ratter dog/pup. Our place is tore up with moles and voles. I am thinking some kind of Terrier but I have an open mind, and would like some suggestions, and in particular an actual lead in Ky area to procuring an affordable dog. I looked online but mostly show dogs and champion lines, along with champion price tags. Long time ago at uncles farm we had a smooth fox terrier, that thing was an unrelenting ratter, pure mental. Love to find one like him, but be happy with any canine good on vermin, maybe a pair would work better. I appreciate anyone can steer me to getting a ratter dog, or two, within about 200 miles. Thanks

KY Swamp Beagler

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Feb 20, 2011
the swamps of western KY
I almost forgot. There’s a book called Tales of a Rat Hunting Man by a Brit that went by the pen name D. Brian Plummer. It’s an interesting read.

I’ve got a whole new respect for rat dogs. Sumbucks are double bred tough. Plummer talks about a famous rat pit dog named Billy that weighed in at 26 pounds and killed 1,000 rats in 54 minutes - a rat ever 3 seconds.

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