looking for a good Frog Gig???


Dec 9, 2008
Willisburg Ky
Where can I find a good frog gig? All I can find are cheap made and doesn't look like they would hold up to much. Also what is the law on how many prongs they can have/


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Jul 22, 2008
Marlin 39a gold trigger, the flat sides held the old bar magnett flashights real good, lol= no more than 3 prongs.


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Sep 23, 2009
Laurel County
Sometimes you can hit up a yard sale or flea market to find good gigs. Most of the ones I've found at them have been really old, strongly made gigs with some of them even being homemade. I think you would have a better change of finding a good one in a unsuspecting place like what I've mentioned versus finding one at Wally World or any outdoor shop.

I've found that most all these old timers who are having garage sales liked frog legs at one time in their life. So therefore, they usually had two or three good gigs laying around, either in the garage or out in the shed. Now that they are too old to get out and gig,they sale off the gigs they have.


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Nov 24, 2003
Palmyra, Kentucky
I use a B&M gig that I bought at a hardware store a long time ago. The pole I use is an aluminum telescopic one that had a flimsy gig on it. I found the B&M ones and bought two so I would have a replacement. I have never had to replace it, just sharpen the pouints and barbs from time to time with a file.


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Nov 24, 2003
Palmyra, Kentucky
301 KAR 1:082. Frog season; limits.

RELATES TO: KRS 150.025, 150.175, 150.360


NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: It is necessary to regulate the season, time, bag limit, and manner of taking for bullfrogs in order to utilize and conserve the population thereof. This amendment is necessary to change the opening day and time and to bring Section 3 of this administrative regulation in compliance with the gigging season.

Section 1. The open season on bullfrogs shall begin at 12 noon on the 3rd Friday in May and continue until 12 midnight October 31. The daily creel limit shall be fifteen (15) bullfrogs with a possession limit of thirty (30) bullfrogs after two (2) or more days frogging. Each day for taking bullfrogs shall begin at 12 noon and end at 12 noon the following day. No person may have more than fifteen (15) bullfrogs in his possession while in the field.

Section 2. Bullfrogs may be taken with gig, by hand, bow and arrow, firearm or hook and line from public and private waters, and an appropriate license is required. If bullfrogs are taken with firearm or bow and arrow, a hunting license is required. If bullfrogs are taken by use of a pole and line, a fishing license is required. If bullfrogs are taken with hand or by use of a gig, then either a fishing license or a hunting license is valid.

Section 3. Except as provided in Section 3 of 301 KAR 1:075, it shall be illegal to possess a gig, of any type, while in a boat, or on, or in a stream, or lake, between November 1 and the last day of January of the following year, both dates inclusive. (KFWR-F-98; 1 Ky.R. 241; eff. 1-8-75; Am. 11 Ky.R. 1127; eff. 3-12-85.)

I never did see any mention of a definition of a gig.

But follow this link and search through the statutes.


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Jun 28, 2006
We sell several different gigs by Frabill, B&M, JL and HT with anything from 3 to 5 prongs and have never had any CO say anything.


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Oct 31, 2010

By far the best gig I have ever used. It's a little pricing to get it with the pole but it is a good pole also. You can buy em seperate. It's worth the money if you plan on giging more then a couple times over next few years. If you hit a frog good with it, its not coming off. I just bought it last year and I don't think I lost a frog after I bought it. I would definitely check it out.


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Aug 21, 2009
I'm not sure where you're located at but you can get them at Sportsmans Warehouse in Lexington or Paul's Discount in Somerset.


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Nov 3, 2007
London KY
I found mine in a old junk building that was getting cleaned out so got it for free. it is a telescoping alum with a little cheap gig so i picked up a heaver 4 prong fish gig and it is a nice gig now, my son had one with a fish gig on a 8ft popular saplin and he gets as many frogs as i do and has just as much fun.


Jan 20, 2002
central ky
Nothing mentioned there, but it use to be that you werent allowed to use a fish gig, that was years ago though.
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