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    Very fortunate to be able lease a new farm this year.. The days of hunting your neighbors farm for nothing is almost gone. My journey for the 2016 hunting season was just like anyone else's to have the oppertunity to harvest a mature buck.. September trail cam inventory on this particular new lease was bad, like real bad, only 4-5 1-2 year bucks and maybe 3 does.. But mid October I realized this farm was rut farm instead of a summering farm. And we had two mature deer 4+ years old pop up and was using this 300 acre farm consistently.. Me and one of the other leasers automatically realized that our trips in the woods were going to have to be more cautious and we had a pretty good idea where they were bedding and what routes they were taking.. As most mature bucks do almost all of our pic inventory was at night.. On the morning of October 23rd not one but both showed there self in daylight.. It was following a big front and SE wind.. Which was terrible for almost all of our stands. I decided the next SE wind we had I was going in.. Oct 30 I went In to our only stand that favored that wind.. And low and behold at 10:30 I look up and the smaller of the two shooters is bumping a doe straight to me.. I slowly grabbed my bow and gathered myself and waited for the shot. As the doe came into my 28 yard lane I drew knowing he was close behind. As I drew she caught me. The buck had only gotten his head out into the lane and didn't present a shot. She blew, and I watched them trot off into the sun.. I was sick, I knew this was probably my only oppertunity and I had just blew it.. Over the next few days I didn't hunt I was just so down over what had happened.. Then on November 5th I received a call from my buddy, he said he had rattled the same buck in on the other side of the property but he once again didn't present a shot.. I had vacation for 6,7,8 hunted hard all day and didn't really see many deer and was just becoming frustrated as any diehard would.. Fast forward to opening weekend of gun season, I'm an avid bow hunter but when the boom boom sticks come out so do mine. I hunted daylight to dark Saturday to no prevail about noon I checked my phone to see how everyone had done that morning I had a text from a buddy saying that our #1 shooter a gross 170+ had been killed nearly mile away.. Although we hadn't saw him in daylight I was sick, now I understand that it wasn't "my" deer but anyone that has consistent pics of deer and find out someone on a neighboring property has killed him you just feel destroyed.. But I knew that the deer we had encountered was using this farm and I felt like he had survived opening day.. Sunday a day I would love to forget.. I woke up late got into the woods at 730, so I told myself I'm going to mix it up and ground hunt watching a draw I really didn't have a clear shot out of my stand.. So I literally sat 50 yards from my stand on the ground. 8 am I hear what I think is two elephants coming through the woods I look up the holler and its a doe running and behind her is a buck. I put my scope on him and I quickly realize it's the buck we were after.. I stood up immediately and got ready for the shot she came within 30 yards of my stand and he held up the hill a little I had one opening between two cedars I squeezed off and they took off.. I was so ecstatic.. I knew I had just taken the best deer of my life.. I went where he was standing and found no blood.. So looked around, and nothing I walked back where I had shot and walked a line exactly to where he was standing and I found a cedar that I had grazed. I was in disbelief and I knew that my run with was nearly over. I called my wife and whined to her and all my buddies and just went home and slept the day away.. All my buddies told me to go back and hunt but in my mind I would never see that deer again.. I woke up monday morn and called my bud I lease with and he said he was going to hunt the opposite holler so I decided to go. I got in the stand early and had no motivation to me at all. About 745 I heard some crashing and look up and sure enough not 100 yards and 24 hours later the same doe comes through with the same buck I'm in shock. I get my gun ready and about the time they get to one of my lanes the doe beds and he beds with her not 80 yards from me. No folks I had to watch this deer for 45 minutes just lay there with her.. I felt as if my heart was going to explode.. BUCK FEVER IS REAL! All of the sudden he lets out loud grunt and they take off so fast I am not presented a shot. 3 times I thought to myself 3 shots at this deer and I can't make it happen. Buy I sat and had already made my mind up that this buck is braindead and could pop back up any min. That Monday I saw 26 deer 7 different bucks all cruising from 1130 til 230 and had one of best hunts of my life.. At 510 as one of the last small bucks came through I looked up on the ridge where I enter the woods and I saw the most beautiful thing the deer that had evaded me 3 times this season headed almost to the exact place I had missed him Sunday morning.. He presented me a shot I squeezed off and he took off hunched up over the hill.. I knew I had hit him, finally.. I got out of my stand walked up to where I had shot him and all I found. Was a little hair and blood I thought you have got to be kidding me. After replaying the shot and the posture of the deer I decided to back out and get help from some buddies.. About 4 hours later. We got on his blood trail and he hadn't made it 75 yards I had shot him a little high but was lucky enough hit a main artery.. I learned so much from this deer and this season.. Bad things happen and bucks are braindead during the rut or atleast he was.. He is my best to date grossing 158 3/4.. MY ADVICE TO EVERYONE NO MATTER HOW BAD OF A SEASON YOU ARE HAVING DO NOT GIVE UP.. It literally takes a second to change!!

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    Great deer. Big ol neck. You should have carpel tunnel from all that typing. :)
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    Too long to read
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    A good season deserves a good story
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    Loved your story. Thanks for telling it to us. That is a great buck and sounds like you had an amazing season that came to a fantastic ending. Congrats to you sir!!
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    Congrats on a Super buck and a good hunt story.
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    Great story and very nice buck.

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    Great Buck, Love The Story, Thats what Deer Hunting is about!
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    yup great stories and memeroies
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    Great story and congrats on a great buck!
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    Nice, Congratulations! Thanks for sharing. I would take that buck anyway!
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    Great buck congrats

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