Lets see them


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Feb 11, 2008
Holland Kentucky
Whats everyone going be using in the morning? Mines already in the truck. But i will be using my mathews with a ruger hawkeye m77 for backup in 243.
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Nov 2, 2011
Carlisle county, KY
My youngest nephew will be using my dad's Remington 600 chambered in 6mm Remington. The load is a pet load of mine for the gun that will drive tacks and lay deer low like a big caliber. Hornady 100 grain GMX's. The oldest nephew will be carrying my Winchester model 88 that I bought super cheap because of some water damage and refinished. She is a .308 but I have not loaded for her yet so just shooting Winchester power points. Shoots them very well though. No pictures of the 88, but here is the 600 with my nephews deer from last year....


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