Lets see some pic. of dogs going north


Feb 26, 2002
Paintsville, KY, USA.

trust me

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Nov 27, 2004
Jerkwater, KY
This one's going north. She made a real dog for me last season, so I'm expecting great things this year.



Feb 26, 2002
Paintsville, KY, USA.
Man thats some fine looking stock you got there where could a man come across some of that blood at...

I got her from a guy that was in the grouse club. I'm not sure but I think he has quit grousing:cool: He's from up around Grayson. :cool: I'm hoping he'll get back involved, I would like to have another pup, the same line as this one.


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Oct 26, 2006
Danville, KY

Here's one of my older setters from last year's trip north. Not sure how he ended up all twisted up on point. Heard the beeper and walked in to find them locked down on one. I don't remember if it was a grouse or woodcock. Had lots of solid grouse points last year from him. He is the kind of best-friend dog money couldn't buy. Nearly a broke dog, steady on point and backs every time. Steady to flush, breaks on the shot, retrieves to hand. Swims like a rock, only dog I've seen who couldn't doggy-paddle. Saved him several times in deep water. I got him as a young dog when he was starved and had lost almost all his hair. Took nearly a year for him to get over being malnourished. He's been a great one to own. We call him Batman.


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Aug 1, 2009
Jackson, ky
Man you guys are killin me, got me missin my old dog. Not enough free time for me to get another pup yet. I'm taking my beagles and heading south again this year. Going to try to stay 4-5 days chasing swampers in the mud. Good luck to all you guys.