Leases keeping the young hunters out?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by kyhunter99, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. woodsman92

    woodsman92 6 pointer

    Feb 16, 2019
    Russell Co
    I know when I was a kid I had hunting oppurtunities galore. I could gain access to land my hunting mentors had been asking for years to hunt. As the years have passed on and im not a little boy anymore I have slowly lost the majority of my spots I once had. I have one good spot of 50 acres left to hunt and other than that im hunting public land.

    I do think that places to hunt are getting harder to find though, but for the kids that arent getting to hunt because the parents cant find a place to hunt, the parent should ask some landowners but include the child. Like I said people granted me and my mentor permission in the past that denied the mentor alone, but if they know your child is hunting they may change thier mind. Now im not saying to use your kid as a pawn to gain access to hunting property and not take them, I know that happens some and thats despicable.
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  2. kyhunter99

    kyhunter99 10 pointer

    For college age hunters they lose the cute kid edge too.
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  3. jblack1

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    Dec 13, 2005
    Science Hill
    Leasing is why my kids are able to hunt.
    I don't think it's very safe on public land around here,
    I'm not willing to accept the risk vs reward with their life at stake.
    I have 2 leases.
  4. You cant blame people for leasing there land,to make money.
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  5. camclo01

    camclo01 6 pointer

    Oct 11, 2010
    louisville, KY
    Why would you say they are the devil? Just curious as I live in Ky and have leased for the last 6 years. I never grew up hunting as a child and got into hunting on my own in college. I learned the ropes on a friends land and since his family has sold the property.

    If it were not for leases I would not be hunting as I have never hunted public land and honesty it partly scares me due to how many people per square mile pack on good spots.

    I love hunting and it is my favorite hobby, but unlike some without a lease option I would have walked away

    Yes leases are not cheap and I wish I had a place for free or could buy, but with a young family at home I am not in a financial situation at this time

    I also understand that there are bad leasees but there are also bad landowners and at least with a lease if I have a bad landowner next to me I can easily get a new lease the following year where with a purchase I am stuck in a lot of ways

    Just my two cents as leases gave me a way in to hunting at a young age and not out
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  6. EdLongshanks

    EdLongshanks 12 pointer

    Nov 16, 2013
    Northern Kentucky
    I was being 100% sarcastic. I’m all for property owners exercising their right to generate profit from their land. It’s none of my business if they charge exorbitant amounts of money to allow others access to their property. More power to them. If you don’t like them their land. It’s that simple.
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  7. kyduck1

    kyduck1 6 pointer

    Apr 9, 2012
    I'd be willing to bet that most people could find land to hunt for cheap or possibly for free if they get out and try. Of course you have to be reasonable in expectations. Asking local farmers, people at church, business acquaintances is a good way to start. You may not see many deer, may not have many opportunities to harvest a deer, hardly have any pics of bucks but you still can have a good experience. I feel like most people want free access to a booner type property----those days are vastly gone.
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  8. theprofessor

    theprofessor 6 pointer

    Oct 14, 2013
    I hunted some Zone 3 land in KY and never paid $.01, and I’m an adult onset hunter. If I had had to pay, I never would have started.

    For comparison, where I am now in Western VA, my county kills a pretty high percentage of deer per population. Apparently people from other parts of the state think it’s good hunting around here. I have never heard of anyone leasing a thing, and I get offered land to hunt on without even having to ask—plus there’s state and national forest land within :20 of my house and without leaving the county. Sometimes real estate gets advertised as “Hunter’s paradise!” but I don’t even know if Whitetail Properties operates in VA—and there’s a big population in Northern VA with no land of their own.
  9. theprofessor

    theprofessor 6 pointer

    Oct 14, 2013
    This. If you’re willing to kill deer without it being AN ABSOLUTE MONSTER!!! every time...and you don’t look like a Psycho Forest Ninja all the time, there are plenty of people with 5-30 acres who are eager to see venison leave their property.
  10. kyhunter99

    kyhunter99 10 pointer

    Well then..
    This months issue of outdoor life
  11. xbokilla

    xbokilla 12 pointer

    Jun 28, 2012
    I’ve said this for years. Most people will not hunt public land. Call it lazy but if all I had to hunt was public land I’d probably hunt way less or maybe not at all. People not willing to let people hunt are the ones hurting the industry. I said before, I know of several situations where people own tons of land and won’t let people hunt. Sadly, those people have no good reason other than being a greedy a-hole. I miss being a kid and walking and hunting wherever I wanted and it not being a trespass issue.
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  12. carnivore

    carnivore 12 pointer

    Nov 17, 2007
    Life is about priorities. If hunting is a priority, owning 20 acres or so is doable for anybody that has the will to do it. That might mean owning a three bedroom instead of a four bedroom house. It might mean not being able to take a yearly vacation. Or it might mean owning used vehicles instead of new vehicles, but it can be done.
  13. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud 12 pointer

    Aug 14, 2009
    Lawrence Co.
    As George Jones said , we have choices, we make em , and live with em. I don’t blame any land owner, for wanting to make the most dollars from their farm.I also know how a lot of hunters ,have abused the use of farm property, making owners to not let anyone on their property.I’ve been lucky to hunt the same piece of property, since 1987 ,before that always found a place to hunt, private or public.I think if a person wants to hunt and don’t want to hunt public, make friends with land owners ,or go to work and buy your own.And just another small thought, who caused the deer hunting property to be so high and difficult to obtain,I think it’s us the hunters, for falling into all this hype of growing and killing big antlers.Kill a monster ,post it all over the internet for all to see,,just so we said we done it.All the time someone is making plans to go where you killed him at.A lot like fishing in a pay lake, you catch one ,then got a duck to keep them big floaters , from knocking your brains out.
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  14. KYBOY

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    Apr 21, 2005
    If your ok with killing average deer and working for it then Kentucky is full of ground to hunt..
    If you’ll only hunt over bait, with a dozen stands and two dozen cams then your gonna have to pay for it..
    I’ve killed a lot of public land deer and a couple real nice deer off a wma but I bet I put in more work for those couple real nice public land bucks than most hunters put in for a dozen
    How bad do you want it?????
    BUT this ain’t easy for kids who don’t have the time or help
  15. Duster

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    All it takes is one that sues a landowner to stop all hunting/fishing on their property. Why even take that chance. Can't blame the landowners for leasing their land either. When property taxes come due are those they let hunt for free going to chip in on the bill. That mortgage payment comes due in a lot of cases, bet they don't chip in each month on those either. Like said in another post everyone wants to hunt that booner property some person may have worked years, sacrifice those years to be able to purchase land they can call their own. There is a old saying the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence a lot look at.
    I had great small lake I ice fished for years all it took was for one trespasser to fall thru the ice and drown and his family sue the property owner costing him a ton of money to defend himself. All fishing by anyone stop the day he got notice of the suit.
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