Land of 1000 elk.

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    So, what does it mean to be "fully registered" as an outfitter? Possess a license to operate a guide service? Would all guides/outfitters not be required to have a permit/license?
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    Mar 22, 2014
    We saw a bunch of cows in Martin Co last spring. Several bulls too, and one really big bull, but he was on Coal Co land, we used binoculars to watch him. Seemed like we saw a lot of elk.
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    I believe in the guide meeting we had 6 outfitters or so show . If my memory serves me correct I believe Gabe jenkins said we had 24 that had obtained license .. As far as what BG stated... He just meant that I register my business with the state and federal.. That just means I do have to charge more due to uncle SAMs cut... At one point this year LMO was the only registered outfitter in east ky. Now with that said more could have and I hope they do.. I totally understand why they the outfitters charge what they do out west and other places.lot more overhead but it's worth every penny. I remember my first guided bull hunt I charged 450.. And bought all the food.. It was a learning process and that's when hunters all took 300" plus Bulls home.I did not do this at the start but it grew much fast than I thiught.. All u need to guide is 150 and send it in to get yur license to guide.. They are a few other requirements such as back ground checks, CPR and first aid training.. It's left up to that person If he choose to register or fly under the radar!!! It's up to him if he hires a lawyer to write his waivers up accordingly and if he the outfitter chose to take out a insurance policy to protect hisself and the client/ hunter .. But myself as a hunter I believe I would check these things out before hiring a guide service anywhere .. I do that myself if I chose to take trips myself and hire a guide.. Cheaper is not always the best route but a lot do!! I chose not to take that risk for I don't want someone to come down on me
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    I waited for Hurley to answer. I wasn't sure what the correct reply was.
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    I've avoided taking part in this discussion because there are some valid points made and my experience with Ky elk is limited. I also know parties on both sides of this discussion and value and respect their opinions.

    But from a guide standpoint... that's a personal decision if you use one or not. Same goes for the cost involved .. you have a choice to spend the money or not. No one is forcing anyone to use a guide service. I think that's something to keep in perspective.

    That said ... when my daughter Taylor drew a firearms bull tag last year....being on the opposite end of the state and as coveted the bull tag was ... it was a no brainer for me. We booked with LMO and will say with certainty we were 100% satisfied with the services we received. Fact was my expectations were surpassed in the amount of effort involved to give her a memorable hunt. We were more than well taken care of and wouldn't hesitate to book again if that situation of drawing a bull tag were to happen with myself.

    This is my opinion for what it's worth and if someone was unhappy with LMO's services I'm having a hard time conceiving it. Which while we were there I'll say without a doubt there a difference in hunters in the sense of how well they were prepared for the hunt. Honestly make you scratch your head a little but it's just a fact that the guides did their part but the hunter didn't do his... especially concerning weapon / caliber choices and overall shooting ability. Which I think some of LMO's guides would agree that my daughter was better prepared than some of the older hunters in camp last year. She listened to her guide and when the time came she fulfilled her part of the agreement. End of story.

    The closing the deal part of a guided hunt is an expectation honestly out of the guides control if they can't hit the side of barn. In turn missed opportunity.... literally ..changes the hunt. Everything the guides have done beforehand is thrown out the window and they have to regroup. Which it's easy from a hunters standpoint to lay blame on the outfitter but I'd say in the case with most respectable outfitters they get bad mouthed when it's unwarranted.

    As far elk numbers & tags I'll refrain from vocalizing much of an opinion here... because I just don't know. Those in that area have a better idea than me. But I don't see limiting guides as having an impact here. Last year when we were at LMO during the first firearm bull week.... don't remember the exact number but less than 10 hunters... may have been more like 6-7 but it honestly wasn't many. Overall a small percentage drawn use a guide service based on what I saw. Which is all I can say about this subject.

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    And I thought duck hunters had a lot to complain about! Good read with a lot of info fellas. Carry on.
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    If I'm reading this right, you're saying that not everyone that is guiding is a licensed guide through the state? Is there some sort of paperwork that the outfitter/guide should produce as proof that they are legal/legit?

    I've not been drawn for an elk tag, as evidenced by my questions. I don't know much about the process at all.
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    Aug 18, 2008
    Keith- you are exactly right. Yes we have guys that are guiding but are not sent out on the list for they do not purchase a guides license thru kdfw office.. Only licensed guides are sent out to drawn hunters.
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    Greenup, ky, USA.
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    Unreal. Just unreal.
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    Yea, sadly that may be true..While Im certainly not a game biologist I am a very exp game bird hatcher and have raised more than a few..They are fickle , fragile birds that cant take much..I farted in the pheasant pen once and two birds died on the spot..
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  13. I believe that was methane related. :)
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    Someone getting paid, and not the hunters.
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    Good thread.... Carry on
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