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Sep 9, 2018
Barren county
When I put up my 28 foot ladder stand and used a fiberglass extension ladder on back side of tree and climbed that. Had the bottom of it braced against another tree to keep it from sliding. But all my other 15 footers I use my four wheeler and winch and climb halfway up and cinch it to tree then climb up. After I put my stabilizer bar on.


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Aug 23, 2011
I’ve got one and love it super comfortable I wouldn’t mind to sit in it all day
I know I could. Roomy and very comfy. I sat 4 hours last Thursday. Never stood up. That seat is very comfortable.

Edit.... I did stand up once when I saw that buck coming in, but sat back down after I got a good look at his hardware.

rabbit dawg

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Mar 9, 2010
I use my climber to go up and attach a pulley. Run a rope through and tie one end to the platform and the other end to the winch on my 4 wheeler. Pull up platform and attach ladder one section at a time. Climb back up with climber and put on ratchet straps.


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I've been using buddy-style ladder stands since 2001.

One of the important things to remember is those long straps that come with the stand that are supposed to go behind the tree, cross back around the trunk and tie off on the lower section of the ladder. These are to provide stability until you can get up and install the ratchet strap to firmly attach the stand to the tree.

I second the use of getting up the tree with a second ladder or climbing stand and putting in a pulley. I use a steel ring.

My latest set of erections included a homebrew widget I made from a boat winch.


You can see how I used it here:

Treestands and Girlfriends

I also have this about how I get a ladder stand up and pull an old one down:

Ladderstand Renovations


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Apr 7, 2015
I back the Polaris on the backside of the tree to hand the ladder in and throw a rope up over a limb or the V of the tree. Then I hook rope to winch and winch it up or back the buggy up to pull the stand up. Then once I have the angle I want I climb up and put the ladder brace on the tree and move up from there. Sometimes I use 2 ratchets for the ladder. Then climb up and put the first strap on the bottom of the stand then the one on the top and I'm done. I have 2 new Hawk Denalis to hang this weekend. They look super nice. Based on Mainbeams statement sounds like I'll be good. Rural King had em on sale earlier thats when I got the 2.

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