Lab Puppy


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Jan 28, 2008
Has anyone ever bought a dog from Stone Lane Hunter Kennels in Evanston, IN?
My brother is looking to buy a puppy from them.
Are they a reputable lab breeder?

Does anyone know of any good lab breeders in KY?


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Apr 29, 2009
I've got a buddy that has bought a couple dogs from them. Wiggles is a great stud and i'm waiting on litter to come out of Red Bud.


Dec 25, 2010
Shelbyville, KY
I know they breed alot of puppies and do at least do OFA hips on their dogs. They used to run UKC hunt tests but I believe they are older now and no longer do. I trained a puppy out of a female bred there that was a beautiful dog but didn't have a ton of drive, she turned out ok. If you're looking for a family/hunting home they're probably a good choice. Wiggles is by CH/MH Pickpocket for Kerrybrook who has produced some very nice dogs so I would go with him if you could.

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