KY Archery elk report


10 pointer
May 7, 2009
morgan county ky
Congrats on your bowl you’ve got meat that’s what matters It is getting harder and harder to get any elk never mind big one. Congratulations. Enjoy the delicious meat you earned it. God bless


12 pointer
Dec 13, 2016
No bugles. Was really wanting to hear some. We walked up on this one about 30 minutes after daylight with my guide using a huge cow elk cutout decoy. He was going into the timber but the cow call brought him back out. Never seen anything like it in my live. Walked from about 300 yards to 71 yards behind that big "poster board" decoy and using a cow call. I have seen them for sale and just laughed and thought it was crazy. He said secret it to make sure they see you legs moving and hide your upper body.
I dont know anything about elk, but years ago, we killed a lot of geese, in southern Illinois, with decoys, big as Volkswagens, old timers said they had them that big, so migrators, would seem them at long distances, and start breaking down. So i have no doubt, the decoy your talking about will work, people are using, just turkey fans on a stick and crawling up to gobblers..

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