Kiss of Death


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Dec 24, 2011
Natural Bridge
Went out this morning with my dad looking for long beards and had a nice surprise. He setup on one ridge and I another some 400yds away but both connecting to the same field. While I was watching the calves mess with an albino skunk to the point i was chuckling, my phone buzzed, Dad says you got two turkeys(so he thought w/out binos)approaching fast. I got in position and here pops two yotes up over the knob looking for the hen that was making all the racket earlier I guess. They didn't see what they was looking for(no Decoys) and turned back. I thought OH CRAP! then it come to me, the "kiss" of the death call aka lipsqueak. Immediately one circled me trying to zero in on the noise,it stopped at twenty five paces and I was waiting with a 3 1/2" load of 5's right in the face! Dropped her right there, I was more excited than killing a 30lb double bearded limbhanger. She didn't look to be with pups or still carrying.


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Feb 21, 2007
Me and a buddy were turkey hunting yesterday morning and we had to setup super early cause we had to walk right under the birds to get setup and about an hour before daylight you should have heard the coyotes sounded like 4-6 yotes and they were probably only a few hundred yards behind my house guess since I am tagged out on longbeards might have to get the yote call out and do some damage.


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Oct 20, 2008
murray ky
I like that Jimmy " Notice her Teets" your telling the truth for sure. I just think that word brings a chuckle , Teets lol

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