Kinda goes without saying but be careful when out camping...

Lady Hunter

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Jan 12, 2009
Nephew was camping down at Cumberland Falls a few weeks ago with his wife & two preschoolers. They left the campsite to go hiking & when they got back, they'd been robbed...His shoes were all gone, her makeup had been dug through & dumped inside the tent, flashlights were gone, all of their sleeping bags were gone, even a whole cooler full of food (snacks & drinks). They called the police who tried to say it was "just a bear" but nothing was damaged, the tent had been unzipped (not torn), ditto for her makeup bag (unzipped & dumped, not torn), and a smaller cooler full of raw steaks was still there (must have been missed because it was wrapped in a blanket to help it stay cooler)....

Anyway, thieves suck & campgrounds aren't safe like they once were.


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Nov 16, 2013
Northern Kentucky
What a damn shame. The police department needs to be thanked for their outstanding service. I’m not saying there is likely much they could have done....but blaming it on a bear is really telling.

Deer Hunter

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Dec 6, 2003
This didn't happen in Kentucky but in North West Arkansas instead. A couple years ago some campers were camped beside a popular creek that people canoe on.

Well this guy in a canoe pulls up to the bank where they were camped got out with a knife, started a confrontation with the people in the camp ended up cutting one guy up pretty bad. He was latter arrested. Never heard why he done it or what is punishment was. But it happened in a real popular area where alot of people were at.

The same year that happened I myself had two guys try and rob me while I was loading my boat just as it was getting dark. I just happened to get my pistol from my truck and run them off before anything more happened. I called the police department and game wardens but they never caught the two.

I haven't ben back on the water in 3 years because of it. And am thinking about saleing my boat and hanging fishing around there. I have finally gotten the nerve up to try it again although it worries me just thinking about going back there. I had a friend with me when it happened that time. He was in his 70's and thought he was going to have a heart attack.

The boat ramp was in a wild life management area and was not supposed to have a gun of any kind in there when there was no hunting season open. Told the game warden that. He said to go ahead and carry a pistol for protection if i wanted too.

Which this time will be carried in my shoulder holster for everyone to see. Had I been carrying it that way when that happened I don't think the thugs would have tried to rob us that time.

The world is alot different place now than it was 40 years ago. There's no way i would camp at the camp sites along that creek where the canoe incident took place. That's a shame too. It's a beautiful place.