Kentucky to trade 150 elk to Wisconsin to get grouse habitat for Eastern Kentucky

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    Feb 13, 2011
    We spoke to 3 Wisconsin guys in Arkansas about it and they had never heard about it
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    From this weeks Outdoor Report from the WI DNR:

    Wisconsin elk capture effort in Kentucky update

    An effort led by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and many partners to bring additional elk to Wisconsin from Kentucky has moved into the capture phase of the project, and crews are having success. A small DNR capture team is currently in the eastern coal fields region of Kentucky working cooperatively with Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife staff. The overall goal is to capture as many as 50 elk this winter for reintroduction to Wisconsin this spring. The Kentucky-Wisconsin capture team has captured approximately half of this year's 50-elk goal. All captured elk are currently in a health-testing and quarantine pen to receive daily care and monitoring for potential health issues. The crew will continue their trapping to fulfill the project's capture goals through early February. They have multiple traps and continue to follow leads that can turn into promising capture sites. This is a multi-year effort with an overall goal of bringing up to 150 elk from Kentucky to start a new elk herd in the Black River State Forest area of Jackson County, and supplement the current elk herd near Clam Lake. - Kevin Wallenfang, big game ecologist, Madison
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    Nov 25, 2009
    I can remember years ago dad talking about them having a kennel full of bird dogs, coon and fox hounds. How they loved dogs and small game in general. I can remember back around the late nineties or 2000,s the department trapping our grouse out of the Hitchins Brickyard. One of our last places to hunt grouse. What a disgrace! What we were trading them for Turkey?
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    Nov 2, 2007
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    This just in... Specifics concerning the recent trading of 150 Rocky Mtn. Elk located in Southeastern Kentucky to the state of Wisconsin has finalized and resulted in Kentucky receiving two fine wheels of Foenegreek Gouda and Aged Provolone cheese in exchange. The deal was on its way down the drain when executives with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife sweetened the deal by including alongside with the elk, a double bearded tom and some Kudzu. Talks of grouse habitat improvement, management, and even trapped WI grouse were once on the table but quickly tanked when KY Fish and Wildlife responded, "Whats a grouse?" and "I thought we got rid of those a long time ago?"
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    Oct 23, 2011
    Well, Atleast someone's in the know. Think they'll slice that gouda thin enough for all of us to get a slice?

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