KDFWR waterfowl survey

Well now that is a pretty good question. I can only speak for the Green River Leg of the survey but here is what I know....

Monday was a Holiday and the scheduled flight date. Ole KY is broke and can't afford to give overtime-Holiday pay, so the flight was scheduled for Tuesday.

The Tuesday flight was on schedule but teh weather conditions had a cloud cover at 500 and 600 feet so the flight was postponed till Wednesday.

On Wednesday....the 0800 flight was on the line then scratched for weather conditions till 1230. At 1230 there was a icing problem at 1200 feet. So the flight was rescheduled for Monday 1/24.

As for it taking a long time to post up, it is pretty hard to post up numbers that are not gathered up yet. But it has been done before.

Ground truthing sasquatch and lepricaun numbers is in the process right now!! Along with Penguins!



8 pointer
Nov 13, 2008
Clarksville, IN
Well that figures, I was suppose to Hunt blind 42 for the past 3 days stayed home and waiting to go to Ballard Thursday and Friday. I hope they picked up some birds as well! Last week good luck to all!


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Feb 24, 2005
Frankfort Kentucky
Henderson has had birds for at least 3 weeks now! We couldn't do anything with the geese last time down! The ducks worked great just had to work for them, everything was froze tight!


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May 20, 2005
Williamsburg, KY
nope he said they took out 1 bag of trash and hulls lastnight when they got there. havent heard from them today yet. hope they are slammin em. lots of ducks here in eastern ky thismorning. saw some at the local park that were more than likely migrators. great big ducks that flew when i tried to feed them bread! defianately werent park ducks.

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