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May 7, 2009

Well I am glad it floats. Thats not setting the requirements very high...LOL. After 45 years kayaking I know a little bit about them. I did not say you couldn't catch fish. I have caught a bunch of fish from sit on top kayaks, I just said its a hassle. Your kayak is the cheapest worst constructed piece of junk on the water. The pelican canoes are the same. But if you like it isn't that all that matters? If you don't want to listen to me thats fine. Read the reviews from kayak sites. Your statement that sit on tops are not made for whitewater is also incorrect. There are a number made for whitewater, I have one. Mine is a perception torrent. It is made for up to class 3 rapids but I have had mine on class v. No problem. If you want we can meet up for a trip down the new river in WV. see how the pelican does....Most people I know don't consider pelican a real kayak. Sorry


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Feb 7, 2007
Barren co.
You know after yesterdays 2 mile wade one way at falling timber creek I would have settled for a childs plastic swimming pool. I was in water up to waist deep at times but mostly 3' or so. Going down wasn't so bad but the walk back agaisnt the even small current wore me out. Caught a mixed bag of fish from crappie to smallmouth and even foul hooked a 48'' gar which I did land on a 5' ultra light rig and 6 lb test. Saw so many snakes I lost count.
This is what I want a yak for, not any rapids, just a simple running stream. If I do come to any swift parts I would bank and carry around, not going to risk damage or tipping over esp. in colder temps. Pat, no dought you know your stuff on the yaks and sound like someone who is really into it, but people like myself are keeping it simple even if it is cheap. Heck about anything you get anymore is cheap comparred to days ago. The yak I'm wanting cost enough ($600) and I'm not willing to spend much beyond that for something that will be using more garage space than being on the water. The very same reason I sold my bass tracker boat. We each are different in what we do, like and how we do things, so I say to each there own and enjoy life and the outdoors how you wish. Don't get me wrong, I do like the comments and advice given, it does help choosing and that's why I called upon my fellow members.


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May 7, 2009

If you like it and it works for you then you should buy it. 600 dollars to me is still a lot of money. As long as you get outside and use it. If you do it will be worth every penny. I reread my posts and saw where I came off as a ahole. I was just trying to let you know. For that i am sorry. You to bowhunter I took an easy cheap shot at your boat So maybe I didn't just come off as an ahole Im pretty sure I am. Again sorry. I hope you both catch more fish than anyone else this summer. In your kayaks. Its not always the fancy boats catching the fish. Im sure guys in Jon boats catch more fish than most


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Feb 24, 2008
philville, KY

alot of fun in creeks.


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Mar 29, 2006
Adair county, ky
This is the newest kayak I picked up. They were almost giving them away, lol. It's an Old Town Vapor, bare bones boat. I introduced a few of my friends to paddling last summer and they finally decided to get their own kayaks instead of using my extra ones. When we went to pick theirs up I couldn't leave the last lonely boat sitting there all by itself so I went back and purchased it. We had a lot of fun this winter "pimping our rides". I added a cup holder in the center console, bungee and netting with eyehooks & J-hooks & buttons, along with extra tie on points to the front.

I added J-hooks, eyehooks, drainplug, bungee, along with extra interior tie on points to the rear.

So far my favorite items I've added are the two removable interior double zip side bags. They clip in/out, are plastic lined "mini coolers". I can keep things in what was dead space right at my fingertips and off the top deck.



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Feb 4, 2008
I've got an old town 120 and i like it a lot. tracks good and has a good seat on it easy to fish from. hard to find someone to kayak with though. Definitely stay away from pelican kayaks havent seen a good one yet.


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Mar 29, 2006
Adair county, ky
I've got an old town 120 and i like it a lot. tracks good and has a good seat on it easy to fish from. hard to find someone to kayak with though. ...

I agree on the tracking aspect of the boat. I'm going to take the plunge and get my fishing license this year. I haven't fished since my kids were little and then we just hit our farm ponds. I love being out on the water in the kayaks. It’s my favorite thing to do by far out of any hobby I have ever had. When I couldn’t find people who kayaked I just introduced new people to the fun. You are welcome to join us on a paddle trip if you're ever in the area. Be warned though, sometimes we get a little loud with all the laughing.


May 23, 2011
I've got a buddy who recently purchased a Hobie Outfitter; pretty cool little setup. It holds both of us pretty well and can move at a decent little clip with the mirage drives. So far we've taken it out in the main Lake and numerous little coves between Blood River and Piney Campground. Caught quite a few fish out of it. The only issue is that they're a little pricey. But if you wait till the fall or spring and shop around you can usually find them about half price.

Xi Bowhunter

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Nov 17, 2002
Goetz Farm
I want a Hobie with the mirage drive, but I just can't afford it. I'll just have to stick with the pelican and my 18lb trolling motor (if I ever need it).
I will stick with my advice. Buy a canoe. Whatever you do don't buy pelican. You can't buy a cheaper kayak than pelican. Piece of junk. I don't consider them real kayaks. There canoes are even worst. I own two sit on tops. Both perception. One is for whitewater. Fishing sucks from a kayak. Maybe in the ocean. The reason you get wet is not because you are sitting close to water but because there are holes in the seat to drain water. Your butt will be wet. These kayaks are a fad. BUY a CANOE. You might not take my advice but you will come around to my way of thinking.

Yeah, fishing really sucks from a kayak:


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May 7, 2009

Yeah, fishing really sucks from a kayak

Man you caught a fish. Fishing from a kayak must be great. Is it your first?:cool: