Jut Heard On Fox New That.....


12 pointer
Jun 28, 2012
I hate to see it like this where it is razor thin close and you see 10s of thousands of wasted votes in the "other" category.
So the question is, in the run off, who will those "others" vote for?
But that’s part of the problem IMO. Chicken or fish, that’s all we’re served. And there’s a lot of people who continue to vote because they feel it’s the right thing to do but don’t like what the Rs or Ds are offering. I mean we can say it’s a wasted vote to not pull R or D, but heck, I’m not so sure some of those aren’t wasted votes anymore.


6 pointer
Jul 19, 2020
With regard to the polls....Every time my day is interrupted by someone calling my home to ask about my voting priorities, I take delight in making stuff up.
Never in my 57 years has anyone ever called me about voting priorities. I vote every election including all primaries.


12 pointer
Sep 7, 2009
hick town,ky
Guess people like high inflation,food shortages,high gas prices,high rent,and Homes being outrageous and buying oil from saudis and doing away with gas vehicles and what ever else…etc!!!

What a joke.!!!
Most of the same states as last time with trump can’t seem to get there numbers figured out either,but no way cheating lying going on…smh..lol!!!