Just watched Winchester and Drury’s Natural Born

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  1. xbokilla

    xbokilla 12 pointer

    Jun 28, 2012
    The two most important factors to killing big bucks:
    1. Be where they are.
    2. Time on stand/blind/etc…

    Even the Moon Guide 200 inch guy says the Moon Guide won’t make big bucks appear if they aren’t there.
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  2. Capttrae

    Capttrae 12 pointer

    Apr 2, 2012
    A lot of the guys on there that use outfitters and most of them do, they talk to the outfitter and make a deal, they hunt for free in trade for the advertising. Case in point, when I used to travel a lot to deer hunt I’d hunt up at Southfork outfitting in Mendon IL, every year the Headhunter TV crew was up there, while my hunt would last 5 days and I’d have one or two farms I could hunt they would stay a month or so and have say 10 farms to hunt.
  3. hunt

    hunt 8 pointer

    Sep 29, 2015
    The Berg

    Hunting = location.
    Location = money.
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  4. 3PointSlayer

    3PointSlayer Spike

    Aug 3, 2021
    Between The Bridges
    Ill tell my secret to killing Super Mega Giant Slammer Monsters. I fill a super soaker up with Tink's 69 and shoot squirrels while in the fully enclosed blind wearing 2 Hecs suits. The squirrels spread the scent in a 100 yard diameter. When the monsters come in they just go crazy around my tree and i shoot em in the brain. Only when the app tells me to though.
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  5. xbokilla

    xbokilla 12 pointer

    Jun 28, 2012

    You do too much. HECS suit and knife is all a person needs.
  6. theprofessor

    theprofessor 8 pointer

    Oct 14, 2013
    Shenandoah Valley
    If I made a deer cast app it would say:

    • Do you have to work?
    • Is it raining cats and dogs?
    • Is season over yet?
    • Is your wife gonna have a fit?
    • Is it night time?
    • Are you out of tags?

    • If you answered no to all the above….

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  7. Little FR

    Little FR 10 pointer

    Nov 10, 2021
    West Kentucky

    The 2021 model would include, Do you have ammo?
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  8. Cole505

    Cole505 Fawn

    Sep 6, 2016
    I feel this way about many many adults. I mean ya, you got a buck. But how is that any kind of experience?
    The shooting houses and fixed rests have gotten out of control IMO.
    I kinda give the kids a pass though. The adults are choosing to hunt that way.
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  9. Drahts

    Drahts 12 pointer

    Apr 7, 2015
    Have a buddy in MD that has that app. He says it's the biggest joke on the internet.
  10. WildmanWilson

    WildmanWilson 12 pointer

    Dec 26, 2004
    Western Ky.
    Some hunting shows I like and some I don’t. It is a business and they have to pimp products to make money. I’m ok with that because I’m not easily swayed into buying anything. I can remember the days we had to go rent hunting shows for the vcr. It’s nice to have them on 24/7 now. As well as fishing.
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  11. Grago

    Grago 12 pointer

    Dec 13, 2016
    Exactly, everything you said, I dont even watch it anymore, to commercialized for me. Sad to see what its, come to. A lot of new hunters spend a lot of money, on stuff that does them absolutely no good..

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