Just watched Winchester and Drury’s Natural Born

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by RLWEBB, Jan 13, 2022 at 12:47 PM.

  1. Onthedge

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    Dec 11, 2020
    South East Ky
    This is so true, and so many either don't realize it or want except it, i feel sorry for them.
  2. Jayman

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    Mar 23, 2020
    Gotta get you a new name for your deer mountain man 4life. Stickers is mine remember lol. I agree on what's being said. Taking a kid out and letting them rough it like most of us did when we were kids going with our father or uncle or grandpa. I learned more from those men than I ever did from a TV show. That's why I am the self proclaimed doe slayer lol. I do have to admit tho I get a kick out of Red Arrow show. Kip is hilarious and not afraid to shoot some doe's.

    PUBLIC RAT 10 pointer

    Feb 18, 2014
    Over the years my watching Drury or stan potts,,,,,. Hardly watch any.. However there is 1 yet to be made that I would watch. Put all these pros on public land with other hunters running around the woods, dogs barking. Names of deer would be forky or spike. Now that I would watch.
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    RLWEBB 12 pointer

    Nov 30, 2005
    Staffordsville, KY
    I do like to watch Randy Newberg on YouTube. His show is called Fresh Tracks. He has sponsors but you’ll rarely hear them mentioned. All public land in the west with either OTC or drawn tags. Definitely not a flat brimmer type show.
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  5. woodsman92

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    Feb 16, 2019
    Russell Co
    I haven’t watched any of the mainstream crap for a long time. Once I grew up and learned a few things on my own I realized it was all a load of crap. If these “pro” hunters had to hunt the places most of us hunt, the small private tracts with trespassers or public, they would pack it up and go home. I respect a 110” buck from private or public around here more than any 200” they buy to shoot on tv.
  6. Ataulbe1

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    Oct 27, 2017
    Estill County
    That's a lot of cringe
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    OLE RASPY 12 pointer

    Sep 9, 2018
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    You know the truth is that all of them are pretty down to earth guys for most part. But it’s follow the money. If they gettin paid to do it. Why not.
    I’m not in to all that but if asked if I would pimp a product for a great amount of money, yea I’d do it to. Everybody would. If you say you wouldn’t then your kiddin yourself.
    But I understand what ya saying. It sucks. They all do. Lol
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    NOCAMST 6 pointer

    Oct 9, 2017
    Central ky
    I agree way too much pimping out products but that’s how they make a living doing what they love. The drurys put in more work than most anyone is why they kill big deer constantly. Anybody who says they can’t hunt is crazy. Mark kills more inch’s of deer than anyone on earth I think he knows what he is doing.
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  9. Meatstick

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    Oct 25, 2013
    Washington County
    They know how to grow em. And have the resources to do it.
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  10. xbokilla

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    Jun 28, 2012
    I get what everyone is saying. But I just don’t think of what they do as being very much like what I have to do so I just don’t take it that seriously. Hunting shows are still better than 90% of the crap on TV. Whether or not it’s “ruined hunting” who’s to say? Guess it just depends on how much you buy into it. I’ll give the Drurys some credit. When they switched to Mathews they made no bones about it being a business decision. The constant commercials and pimping items is annoying, but heck, it’s TV.
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  11. 120+

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    Don't forget that you have to use the app to see where you arrow entered the deer and it will tell you if it's fatal or not.

    I used to like the Drury's but they have gotten so silly. They sit in a box over undisturbed deer and act like they are seeing deer because of their app and scent control. I especially remember him and his daughter sitting in a closed up box sweating their ass off and opening the window at the very last second. You could see the deer immediately get nervous but it was too late. The first thing Mark said was "Don't tell me scent killer(or whatever they use) doesn't work!"
    When's the last time you saw him kill a big one from a stand?
    I realize they have to produce enough kills for the entire season of shows but it's just silly. That being said, I still watch sometimes to see the big deer. I just love seeing them on foot.
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  12. Ezelkyhunter

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    Nov 28, 2013
    I don’t doubt he knows what he’s doing. But the main key to his success is the areas he gets to hunt.
  13. littlebear

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    Aug 21, 2007
    the woods
    I don’t think they ruined hunting but they have ruined hunting shows. Years ago there was good hunting shows to watch not the Hollywood style stuff they do. Lots of guys have tried to copy the way the Drury’s and a few others do there shows.
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    NOCAMST 6 pointer

    Oct 9, 2017
    Central ky
    I agree completely but they hunt small farms just like the rest of us not all big huge properties. Everyone out there could up and move to Iowa and have the same opportunity. Even with top notch properties to kill as many big deer as he does is remarkable. Mature deer are so difficult to out smart and they do it on the regular.
  15. Rule number 1,you cant kill big deer,if there is no big deer ,where you have permision

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