Just got back from Norman

str8 shot

12 pointer
Nov 4, 2006
berea kantuckie
Well the year is finally over.After the weekend,i ended up in a disapointing 14th place and missed the cut to fish today by 4ounces,but did get a check so it wasnt a waste i guess.After i weighed in yesterday i was sittin in 6th for along time until almost half way through the last filght weighed in.Then i just kept on dropping.But oh well,i won the AOY race and that was what i was shootin for this year,but to make it to the All American wouldve been great.Next year im bumpin up to the boaters side and fishin the Stren Series on the Co side,i cant wait,i know i can do it and have enough experience and knowledge of the lakes we'll be fishing.Wish me some luck youens,ill prolly need just a little:p...And by the way,Norman will put your casting skills to the ultimate test by gettin up and under those docks, and that lake has the biggest numbers of Kys and biggest Kys ive ever seen in my life,itd be a great trip to take if you love fishin dock after dock wacken 3lb kys everyweres while your around Millions of dollars worth of houses,those people have it made down there:cool:

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