It's all about race and nothing else.


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Nov 17, 2007
I've had enough of this BS. The race card is way over blown and they are wearing it out.

President Trump is giving the Medal of Freedom tomorrow to seven people, two of them are Elvis and Babe Ruth.

Now the Washington Post says by giving it to Elvis it's sending a message of racism.
Who cares what this guy thinks. It seems liberal whites are more concerned about racism than the black people i know and look for it in the strangest places.


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Oct 31, 2011
High Grove
i seem to remember a clip of a large white man, harassing, an older white man, maybe with his wife, and calling the older white man, whitey more than once.. the large white man, is wearing blinders. cant see in the mirror, cant see anything..i suppose it made him fell good though
if your gonna be good, least be good for something.


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Dec 14, 2001
Up in the woods above Lake Malone
There's a lot of money and power in finding racism under every bush and tree.
X-2 Lot of people have got rich and lived a high lifestyle playing the race card. I worked with some black guys who couldn't stand Jessie Jackson who was the want to be leader of blacks back then. I remember one black guy saying he hated him more than anyone else because he never paid for one bite of food that went into his mouth and was conning black people out of their hard earn money. But also we had a few that tried to play that race card but never seem to work out because other blacks in the department wouldn't back them up. Pretty much we all got along no matter what race and we had them all working there.
Had one quite large black guy who was known as BIG Ben while I was Little Ben. And to give you a idea just how big he was I stand 6 foot 3 inches and tip the scale at 250 lb. We fish together a lot and had more than one beer together after work. He bought himself a new truck with a snow plow one winter. About 10 pm after getting about a foot of snow that day I heard a noise in front of my house and it was him plowing out my driveway. I got in his truck and we rode around drinking beer and plowed everyone we work with that lived nearby driveway for several hours. He fell out of a rented boat on a lake south of town and drown one day. Sure hated to see that happen to him. One of the few black funerals I attended in all the years I lived up north and was treated like family. RIP BIG Ben, hope the fish are still biteing.
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