It all came together this morning.


12 pointer
Apr 3, 2007
I didn't get to bow hunt much this year because we sold our house and was building on our farm. I told my wife after I got the garage/ apartment finished I was gonna hunt some. I decided to save some spots for rifle season. Especially since I wasn't getting any pics of anything I would shoot. Opening day I killed a coyote about 1130 and only left the blind long enough to drag him away from where I was hunting. Yesterday I hunted till 1 and got back up around 3. This morning I was in well before daylight again and started seeing does and fawns about daylight. They hung around most of the morning and I seen 1 spike cruze through. About 9 i bleated a few times, around 9:05 I look out the front of the blind and 30 yards away is a doe with this guy behind her. I didn't get to look at him real good as he was moving through the brush but could tell he was pretty good so I got my rifle up and stopped him at 60 yards. When I shot I thought he was hit pretty good so after about 30 mins I went down and found him about 30 yards from I shot him. I'm pretty sure this is the same buck that came through last Nov and was missing 1 side of his rack. I went back to the truck and got the side by side to pull him out and after getting down there noticed I had a low tire. there was a little ruff spot I had to go up and ended up popping the tire off the rim so I had to walk back out and get a little 12v air compressor i keep in the vehicle and a jack but managed to get it fixed and him out.
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