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Jan 12, 2006
South Central Kentucky
They don’t pay jack to the hourly employees and are notoriously bad to work for, plus that particular available employee pool isn’t exactly the best haha. I managed c-stores over a five year period years ago before finally burning out on it and throwing my store keys at the company president lol, a former Walmart manager, but I digress.

The store manager in most of your retail outlets regardless of business are 100% responsible for everything and every shift. In 24/7 stores it’s even worse. If an employee calls in last minute and nobody else will cover the manager winds up working their shift. I worked many days then turned around and ran a register in the afternoon/evening or midnight. Covering a midnight really sucked as you went from the register at 6 am straight to the office counting cash and balancing previous day’s close. I was paid well most weeks for my job by a private local corporation of well ran, family-owned Shell c-stores, but some weeks I was probably lucky to make much more than $15 per hour if you averaged the hours and no time and half for OT. Vacations even sucked as at that level there is really nobody who can 100% do the store manager’s job, not even corporate. I fielded 8-10 calls a day from my assistant while fishing in Georgia my last vacation at that company.

Anyway, be kind to the retail folks as it’s a tough, overworked and underpaid racket and most are ran about as well as possible for the resources provided the store manager. Just my 2 cents.

I believe every word of that and want to add that I "almost" never get pissed off at whoever's behind the counter because I really do appreciate the fact they at least showed up for work.

Another thing I've noticed is that an entire store seems to take on the personality of the manager ... if he or she is an asshole, everybody that works there is an asshole, if they're pleasant people, most of the employees reflect that mood, even the ones that are dumber than a rock.

I don't see how you put up with it for five years ... you deserve some kind of award. 😇


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Jul 13, 2003
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Another thing I've noticed is that an entire store seems to take on the personality of the manager ...
I noticed that regardless of the business. I did a lot of acquisitions/due diligence/operations turnarounds in my day and you could tell how "good" or "rotten" a place was going to be in the first 10 minutes. The attitudes of management (good or bad) permeated the entire operation--especially if it "stunk to high heaven".