If Gov't shuts down...


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Nov 1, 2009
I was just in LBL today, I should have stopped at the office and asked this question.

I saw a Gobbler in a field off of Highway 80 on private Land just west of KY Lake. It got me exited for season.

What about Fort Campbell, and Fort Knox would they still have hunts.


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Feb 10, 2004
Stopped at North Welcome sta., the lady didn't know much, said it was her 1st yr for quota hunt. She told me as of now, hunt is still on, but may change. Told me there is no phone number to call for info, watch local news for info. She didn't know if LEO's would still work, or if they would lock the gates or not.


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Mar 14, 2004
Madisonville, KY.
Called this morning and spoke to the lady that answered the "Hunting" line. Asked about the potential fed shutdown and the upcoming quota hunt. She said that the hunts would continue as planned, but that there would not be any support to operations. That means no selling of LBL user tags, back country camping tags, or using any of the manned camp grounds. So, get your tags early and don't plan on camping at Wranger's (camp in the backcountry).

I would hope that we all could act right even when the parents are away. Good golly folks, this isn't the end of the world with flesh-eating zombies scenario; this is turkey hunting without the teacher in the room.

Tues & Wed weather looking good. My son went over this morning and the baricades are not put out yet. That might be what does not get done. A bummer if it doesn't. Walking in makes it all better.

Good news was he heard gobbles all around. Gets me going! Just can't wait.


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Jun 12, 2005
" Between the Rivers "
thats what I was thinking. its not like they can just close a gate and lock everybody out.
I dont see the sherriffs' donating enough deputies time to patrol the entire LBL. About the only way it would work is if they had road blocks set up.
So heres the real question. If you have been drawn and have all your permits, the government shuts down, and you continue to hunt as planned and get caught are you a poacher? Do you think they will refund the permit fees for those who buy em just for this hunt?

As already pointed out....there are only so many ways to get in by vehicle......especially since the hwy 80 / 4-lane has been completed.

North & South Trace would be blocked ......access to the new Trace entrance on 80 closed...... that leaves on Hwy 80 only 3 other places ( Golden Pond to Wrangler's, Long Creek to Jenny Ridge & the road from 80 to Energy / Mulberry Flat/ other #rds...).... they already have post / cables in place....just a matter of locking the cable. They close the roads & shut down LBL to everyone & often in the winter....so its not a big deal on their part. It's Federal property and short of parking / speeding violations where you send fines to the Forrest Service( S.E Office /Georgia) ....violations / violators will go through Federal Court in Paducah. It's a completly different ballgame with a lot stiffer penalties......and yes....if your caught hunting there while its closed...you will fined...worse if you actually harvest an animal & caught.

Also.... its my understanding as well... "essential personell"....LBL's law enforcement would still be on the job.....which they are there anytime LBL is closed to the public.

As for refunding permit fees...No. The LBL Hunter Use permits are good through February 2012.....beside quota Turkey....there is an Open hunt to everyone...which pending how long the government shutdown lasted ....would still allow for additional time to hunt.

Hunting quota's anywhere .....theres always some amount of risk that something unforseen could stop the hunt. It would suck....but its life.


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Feb 4, 2008
If the LBL shuts down I won't be going. The only reason I put in for the hunt is that it was scheduled before the state wide season came in on Saturday. The birds at LBL are not bonus birds so you burn your tag if you get one.

Actually it will save me a lot of money if they shut it down (gas and lodging mainly). I have plenty of other places to hunt turkeys besides the LBL that are closer to home. So no big deal to me.


Oct 18, 2009
Ft. Campbell
It the Gov't shuts down Outdoor Recreation will close down all hunting on Ft Campbell. I was told that as of right now we are for sure open until Sunday, but we could close down as early as tomorrow (Friday) morning.


Mar 3, 2010
I was just wondering if those wanting to buy a rifle or shotgun during a "shutdown" would be able to buy one??? Gun purchases require the dealer to call the FBI for a background check, when you buy the gun.


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Feb 23, 2004
Murray, Kentucky, USA.
I was just wondering if those wanting to buy a rifle or shotgun during a "shutdown" would be able to buy one??? Gun purchases require the dealer to call the FBI for a background check, when you buy the gun.


Yep. You'll be able to buy anything you want. All law-enforcement will still be on duity including the ATF.

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