Identify this snake skin

Had this little guy on my farm a few years ago. View attachment 102192

I just couldn’t have that in my woods no matter how much I respect nature lol. There’s a biologist over at Murray State who’s an expert on them and he actually placed radio transmitters on several in LBL. The pictures he posted up of huge canebrakes curled up under leaves in the middle of the woods and no other cover will flake you out, I just couldn’t have that. I’ve never gone tromping through the woods of LBL all crazy again like I’ve done in times past after seeing that.


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Sep 23, 2005
In The Tree Next To Ya
Had this little guy on my farm a few years ago. View attachment 102192
That is so cool, I find them absolutely fascinating. I can understand not wanting them around your house but the ones I see out in the rough I just let be. When I was younger, sure everything got a dirt nap. Guess I've mellowed out. I do think they are really neat creatures though, I just give them their space.


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Aug 5, 2015
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There is no poisonous snakes around where I live that I know of. Last year my lab had a big fist size knot come up on his neck at his shoulder.
Had to take him to the vet and the vet drained it and it took a long time for it to heal and I thought it may have been from a snake bite.
There is still a knot there but it is not getting bigger and it is not completely going away after a year.


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Jan 2, 2009
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I reported my shed skin finding to UK. Theyre tracking sightings. I knew the timber rattler were protected in my previous state, Maryland. Pennsylvania has em on a "concerned" list.




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Nov 30, 2005
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Lots of them in Martin, Floyd, and Pike counties. I’ve never seen one here in Johnson but I’ve encountered 2 while hunting in Martin county. Seems like well tenders for gas companies and loggers encounter them often given the nature of their work.