I just saw a pheasant on my farm

Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by KYBH4Life, Feb 7, 2014.

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    Pheasants are a majestic bird that live in many states. Some of these states are very close to Kentucky. I think it is possible that some birds could fly across the Ohio River or even the Mississippi River and land in Kentucky. In very bad winters such as the one we are experiencing now, pheasants could even walk across the frozen rivers and come to Kentucky. Many people see pheasants in Kentucky even though the biologists say they don't live here.

    It is exciting to think that wild pheasants are coming to Kentucky.
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    Those are pen raised birds.

    Maybe it's possible if they are getting results with those released birds. That would be exciting for Ky.

    I love running into pen raised birds that have been out a while though. They get a little wilder and work well for getting a dog ready for wild birds. They've found a good hiding spot and teach a dog to look where wild birds live. A pheasant that's been out a week or so requires a pretty smart wild bird dog. They'll run off and fly away much like a grouse with pressure. I'm not saying it's as tough but it's a good training tool and much better than throwing down a few quail.
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    Selenium is the mineral missing from Kentucky soil that the pheasant needs
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    ^^ Well done Bill! Lol!
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    Theres a guy in Loretto that sells thems.
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    Years ago they use to release them on Robertson Co Hunting Preserve. Use to get one or two a year. Hated to see that close. Really miss them. Use to get one or two a year deer hunting. Only time we would see them. Reckon the cover was to thick during the summer.
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    You need to post up some links as proof:highly_amused:
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    Pretty cool. Beautiful bird!

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    Jan 9, 2012
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    There is a guy here at work that went on that hunt at the Newcomb farm. If I remember correctly, they released 220 birds and killed 188. So don't be surprised if you end up seeing more. Fun to look at, but with the amount of predators that are flying around, he won't last long.
    We went to Kansas a couple of years ago. Our beagles ran them like rabbits. It was pretty neat to follow behind them and when the pressure really got on, the pheasant would come up. We killed a bunch like that.
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    I went out yesterday looking for another one but the only thing we jumped was a cat....lost my dogs for an hour. time to start putting those cage traps back out as that makes 3 different kitties I have seen. I'm sure they will take a pheasant just as easy as a rabbit if they can
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    We've got a guy around here that raises a bunch of them every year and puts them out for hunts in the winter. I saw one of them a few years ago that was about 4 miles from his place. Saw it three days in a row walking up and down the middle of the highway. It was a greasy spot with a plume of tail feathers on day 4.
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    Oct 30, 2013
    Friend of mine was cutting hay out on a farm and said he had seen one in the fence row so I went to check it out. Was a hen and she was sitting on 10 or 12 eggs.
  14. 120+

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    I heard they've been dropping them from helicopters at night to compete with the turkeys.
  15. KYBH4Life

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    Feb 13, 2011
    Just wondering......would anyone have believed me if I didn't have video of it? It almost seems on par with a mountain lion.

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