I Found a Metal Box. Full of

JR in KY

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Jan 25, 2006
The Occupied South
Actually it found me. A nice lady found this in an old house in a neighboring county. Posted photos on Fbook and someone recognized the Names and called my Wife. A Little Olive Drab metal box with several books of WW2 ration stamps. Some were used and gone, Some are still in the books.They belonged to my Uncle, Aunt, and 3 kids (cousins.) All are now Dead.
I "Think" this was taken during a burglary about 1980 and the extra space in the Metal Box was most likely full of CASH. No one was ever charged and nothing was ever recovered. Estimated cash amount taken was never given but it was a LOT. He was a merchant-farmer and several on here have been in his old store.

The little metal box was too "cute" to throw away and may have been military?
The Tank pictured on the little coupons is a M3 Lee or M3 Grant...( same tank).
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