I’ve got a food challenge!!

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    I'm the one who stocks up in our house. I don't buy a bunch of specialty items, but I will buy things when there's a deal and I know they'll last. I usually keep a turkey, ham, and pork butt or two in freezer that I get during the holidays when they're on sale and use sometime later in the year when we get a craving, or there's some get together, or the budget gets tight.

    I do the same with soft drinks too and take advantage of the Kroger weekend deals. At one time, we probably had a dozen frozen pizzas in the freezer. But since then, the older kids haven't had to ask what they can have to eat.

    One trick I have learned though is that when you buy a family pack of chicken, or pork chops, or whatever, cook it all up and then after its cooked, vacuum seal what you have left and freeze it that way. Then when you're rushed for dinner, you won't have to try to thaw out a big block of meat and then cook it. You'll be able to just thaw out (can do in the microwave) the ready cooked meat. I really like to do this when grilling some meat and then being able to take grilled chicken or pork chops to work for lunch this time of year.
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