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  1. You only need 9 fpe to kill a dog size animal . If stealth is a requirement tell your friend to get a .22 cal air gun from Walmart . Most of the newer ones have a built in silencer so they are very quiet to shoot even at night . Hypothetically a person can shoot anytime of the day or night without making a sound . As long as the air gun shoot a 14.3 grain pellet Crosman hollow points and has a MV of around 900 fps and will produce 25 fpe at the barrel and have 9.2 fpe at 114 yards away . So from 0 to 114 yards a 22 cal 14.3 grain pellet will get the job done Hypothetically. With is ruger air rifle https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ruger-Impact-Max-22-Pellet-Air-Rifle/449026134 you get about 733 fps MV what gives you 17 fpe and 9 fpe out to 73 yards . It does have a silencer on it and its pretty quiet . For 140 dollars its a pretty good gun that can be used for squirrel and rabbits once the Hypothetical is taken care of . Watch some youtube video on the gun . A Hypothetical pre dug hole is recommended .
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    Dec 21, 2014
    My case and point. You shoot a cow between the eyes youre hitting their upper nasal cavity... brain is up higher than that
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    Nov 16, 2013
    Northern Kentucky
    Our cow killer extraordinaire says to draw an imaginary line between the cows ear and opposite side eye. Where those two lines intersect....kapooooow. Dude is good at what he does.
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