Hunting on a private cemetery

Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by Pollcat, Dec 11, 2019.

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    If all else fails, you could always snap a few decent photographs of all and do a write-up, selling it to one of your local newspapers, earning yourself some cash for an exclusive. It is a highly marketable human interest piece. That stated, you would probably wish to sell it to a conservative outlet, because if you sell it to one of the bleeding heart liberal ones, the editor will twist it, simply for political reasons (and revenue, of course). Just realize that all could quickly snowball out of hand, which could actually prove harmful to the hunting community. Such is why you would need to carefully research all angles, before writing it and submission.
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    Mar 29, 2005

    There is a fallen WW1 veteran. The grave is marked: Kentucky Pvt Coast Arty Corps

    He was part of the Army, Costal Artillary Corps.....which I had never heard of until today. He died in 1917. From my research, he died in the line of duty.
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    Jan 30, 2019
    Does the person who owns the land care that the guys hunting? If not, you might want to let it be
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    Refrain from typing more about it here, or you could lose your potential exclusive. Contact the VSO, which I first mentioned. He should point you in the right path. If you become overwhelmed, shoot me a private message. I have another contact for you, but would have to first locate the man's business card. He is not local to Kentucky.
  5. I know you weren’t directing that at me but I’m curious what you are referring to?
  6. There’s an old cemetery overlooking the Clark’s River in west Calloway County I used to turkey hunt around. I’ve actually leaned up against a stone on the edge while setup in a hurry one morning lol. I used to cross it many mornings before daylight and the whistling of the wind through the big cedars surrounding it always made me a little nervous. There are breathing tubes placed around some of the older graves.....
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    I knew when I read the name of this thread that would come up.
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    Clay County the reading this as the cemetery isnt on land you own. If it isnt, then what is it to you that this guy is hunting on it? You stated that you had mo doubt that he would shoot deer off that cemetery on the farm you hunt. Sounds like you might be worried he is going to shoot one of 'your' deer.
    To the person talking about 'getting a story, an exclusive' thats bullcrap in the worst way. If you are hunting land that immediately joins this cemetery, the landowner should have some sort of clue who owns that land, or at least an idea of who could find out who does.

    Until then, leave the guy alone, and let him hunt, as long as he isnt on your land. I do not think it is illegal to hunt on a cemetery.
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    4 grave sites on our property, 2 to 5 headstones. When i was a teenager I was leaning up against a headstone when the sun came up. When the first squirrel hit the ground/leaves, i bout filled my drawers.
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    The originator was quite clear within his original post that the Cemetary is private property. Perhaps, like most Americans, he fails to support Socialism:

    "Private property thus is an important part of capitalization within the economy. Socialist economists are critical of private property as socialism aims to substitute private property in the means of production for social ownership or public property."
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    That is okay, and please forgive me, if my words lacked clarity; I remain on bedrest (nothing serious) which could potentially contribute to such (read, pass out, read more, pass out...).

    An "exclusive" in journalism is a term, also known as a "scoop". A story must meet certain criteria, in order to be classified as such. This news, although not on the scale of a radioactive leak, does meet the criteria of an exclusive. In this particular situation, I would personally attempt to resolve the matter in another manner than publication, but as previously mentioned, if all else fails, it is an option to resolution.
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    If he is crossing someone’s property to get to the cemetery I think he would have to get their permission to do so within reason. I defenitely don’t think to hunt is within reason.
    Spot on. Guy is a disgrace, disrespectful and a lot of other things. Prolly takes a knee for the National Anthem. Respect the dead no matter how long they been gone. Contact County Attorney. Start a go fund me page and raise some money to hire an attorney and shut down the scum bag.
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    We had a cemetery on one farm that we maintained a road to so the family could access. I'm not sure if there was a written agreement, but more likely it was just out of respect to the family. Another farm there's a small cemetery that really old. We try to at least keep it clear, but no one visits and only a few know it's even there. We've killed several deer close to both. Maybe he's onto something lol
  14. Huh? I know what an “exclusive” story is as far as journalism goes, I’m lost as to the rest though honestly.
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    Although I speak multiple languages, I possess high confidence that what I wrote was nothing but English.
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