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Apr 4, 2005
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For you fellas that have had the opportunity to hunt ducks and geese in Canada. I'd really like to go someday. Probably not into the DIY... Would be looking to go the guided route. Does anybody have a guide they would recommend? What about best time... Late sept or early October? Just trying to gather some info... Appreciate any input. Thanks...

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Oct 20, 2005
Edmonton, KY
I hunted with Black Duck Outfitters in 2008. The guy's name was Scott Barmby. It was a hunter's operation...nothing fancy, but we were on the birds! We hunted the Delta Marsh two mornings shooting limits both mornings and hunted a dry field from layouts one morning shooting limits of mallards and tons of geese. I think Mr. Barmby has sold Black Duck Outfitters, but you could google and see. We were there the first week of October. We had overnight lows in the 20's as I recall. From what the locals told us, I'd advise early...once it starts snowing, they don't see the ground for a while!

Some guys in my current Arkansas club have done DIY hunts and have a great deal of success, but you need a couple weeks to make that one truly memorable. They literally watched birds get up and tried to follow in their truck to determine where they were going and then get permission to hunt. If I could find the time, I'd definitely do a DIY hunt. The only negatives I have concerning the Canada hunts are: Early birds that are not fully plummed in most cases meaning the birds often do not make great mounts and the border crossing...they stopped us going and coming and searched the entire truck, bags and all. Get your passports now! It is more strict now than when I went in 08 and check with someone who knows about the firearms permits. Be sure of who you take with you- a group in front of us when we crossed into Canada had one member of the party who had a DUI in the go for him - I guess because of the firearm.


Jan 9, 2014
Had unbelievable hunt with this outfitter several years ago. They were truly 100% committed to making sure our time there was a "trip of a lifetime". Everything from shooting from layouts in the previous days scouted fields which were full of fowl, to Chef prepared gormet food, to the onsite Outfitter tent (open) bar right in the middle of the nothern wilderness (approx. 20 min. drive to civilization). Beautiful country as well, Peace River area. Owners name is Merv Purschke (sp), Super guy with a desire to please his clients. Main reason we haven't returned is because of Customs agenst in Edmonton airport, no problems, just treat you like you are guilty of a crime all while letting their dog sniff your _ _ _/stuff..

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Apr 4, 2005
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Thanks for the replies. It's a shame that some customs agents treat you like criminals. I understand the importance of their jobs in this day and age but it's a shame it has come to that! If you go south of the border you have to worry about gangs and getting held for ransom! Maybe I'll just stick to hunting in good old USA!


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Nov 13, 2008
Clarksville, IN
I hunted with Buck Paradise outfitters in 07. We shoot limits of ducks and geese and our guide for 2 days was Chad Belding. I am sure he is busy doing his banded stuff now but he was cool in the field as well as back in camp. We went across the border at 2 am and they didn't check our vehicle, only our paperwork.
I think for a 3 day hunt is 2000.00 dollars plus license fees and tipping the guides and cooks
Meals were awesome too


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Feb 17, 2005
I signed up for an Alberta hunt in October. Always wanted to try the prairies in the fall.

Here's the sensitive and caring customs agents in Mexico. Twenty-year-old soldiers. ... Kind of scary.



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Sep 24, 2008
We have hunted with the same outfitter @15 years. Larson Lake small family run father son. All dry fields. Normally do pretty good We usually go @ 3rd week Sept. Be careful after first week or so of Oct. More and prettier birds latter in season but run risk of seriously cold weather. Lot of ducks latter in season but cold, and less geese We experience everything from 60's to snow going 2nd or 3rd week September. If you are going with any outfitter book early. I have crossed border @50 times never a problem. Have paperwork in order and be patient remember your a guest there As stated earlier if anyone has a DUI or other charges you will not be allowed entry they take DUI's seriously


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Feb 24, 2008
Knob Lick, Ky
Been twice without guide. Central SK. I would pick second week oct. unless you want snowgeese then last week sept. but ducks are brown. First time I went last week oct. first of nov. second time end of sept. first of oct. I like later better less people cold but risk of missing some of migration. First time border was awful over 2 hours of questions and bs, second time 20 mins. Everyone should go atleast once

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