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How much do you pay for a hunting lease?



We leased 2700 acres of timber company land in Trigg County in the early 90s. We paid $1.35/acre plus we had to have liability insurance. I recently heard the same land is around $10/acre. It apparently has been splint into smaller parcels.

B Hicks

12 pointer
Sep 29, 2006
Lancaster, KY
It varies. 10 of us lease one tract of 1,085 acres for $1,100.00 total. (Some big deer, but harder hunting)

I'm on another lease with 107 acres that cost $1,500.00.( Well worth it with the quality of bucks in that area)

Still another 50 acre lease for $1,200.00.(Some big ones in that area too)

These are all in different counties, and run year to year and include all game.


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Aug 29, 2005
marion county
i own my own land also. if you can do it it definately is the best way.

i leased 170 acres in muhlenburg county for 3 years till i bought my own close to home for $2000 a year. expensive, but there were nice deer there. i sure miss that part of it.

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