how many old timers remember


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Jul 7, 2012
I'm 50 years old, saw my first deer at age 16, it was rabbits,squirrels,groundhogs,quail, and dove untill then. Deer hunting was a dream, you had to go to eastern ky,ft knox, or LBL, which may as well been Africa for a poor country boy with no father. Was squirrel hunting with a buddy on his uncles , farm near salvisa (ky River) he kept telling me there were deer there, and not being the most honest fellow I knew, I didn't believe him untill I jumped two bedded in a brushy field. It would not have shocked me more if they were Elephants!
Today in Ky we have gobs of deer,elk,coyote,turkey,otters,beavers,and eagle sightings are more common all the time.Sadly the quail are pretty scarce these days, at least in my country. I credit the experienced ,educated KDFW, and the monies sportsman have raised, for all this reintroduction of native species. Whats next Bison?
They won't introduce bison because there's too many tuberculosis issues to deal with. But they sure do eat good!


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Dec 10, 2001
Hardin Co., Ky.
I started deer hunting in the late 70's & I felt lucky just to see a deer track, knowing that a deer truely passed this way. I remeber my bother-in-law had to show me what that skint up sapling was all about or at least that's what someone told him.


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Nov 9, 2010
murray ky
when i started hunting squirrel hunting opening day was like deer season. people everywhere. dove hunts also. quail and rabbits were everywhere. coyotes have changed that along with cleaning up farms. ice storm a few years back has helped the rabbits and quail.


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Nov 7, 2008
Harrodsburg KY
I have heard stories from my dad about how deer hunting used to be,with a one buck limit and no killing of does. I remember a story about my granpa out rabbit hunting with some of his buddies when they jumped a deer,said my grandpa killed it with his 22 pistol I think it was. I don't know about then but I consider myself lucky to just see a deer where I hunt,there still few and far between.
In 1976 there was 3,431 bucks killed in the state of KY.Started hunting in 1980 if you seen a deers white flag you jumped was something.If you killed a dink buck,you were a master hunter in the community.Ask permission to hunt and people would jump on you for asking,just go ahead and hunt.I think I hunted 7 years before I killed my first.As far as deer herd this is the good old days deer everywhere and big one,s As far as permission goes,back then was the good old days.


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Feb 4, 2008
Killed my first buck in 1978 during the 3 day November season. Back then it was a big deal to even see a flag in the woods.

I dragged that sucker for 4 hours back to the dirt road I parked on. No 4 wheelers to help out. Today's times are the "good 'ol days" for sure.


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Nov 10, 2004
The OC
I remember when you could only hunt turkeys in certain parts of counties. I haven't been hunting that long, so it wasn't that long ago.


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Nov 21, 2006
W of Ashland, E of Murray
Dad bought 165 acres in 1975 in central Anderson Co. for $275 per. A hobby farm where he could go clear his head on weekends. Nothing but hills and hollers, cedars and rocks. Hunting was just a time to spend some quiet time in the woods. Never really expected to see anything. Finally saw my first deer in '81, driving my mom over the place before Dad sold. Love to have that place back!


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May 7, 2009
morgan county ky
my Dad was living in RI. back in the late 60s. He was one of only 6 hunters to harvest a deer in I beleave 68 or 69. It was quite a big deal aroud town. people would point him out and say thats the guy that gut a deer. Other men would come over to shake his hand. as a young man I was so proud of him. within 10 years people were starting to hit deer with there cars and complain that we had toomany. what a change. we now are living in the good ol days of deer hunting! be thankfull that we are so blessed!

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