How many members killed


12 pointer
Nov 7, 2008
Harrodsburg KY
I'd be happy to see a doe that would offer a shot. I seen one opening day of rifle season but had my little boy with me,he fell up against the side of the blind as I was getting the crosshairs on her and she spooked when the blind fell over. My little boy was heart broken that he cost me a deer.


12 pointer
Nov 1, 2009
I shot a doe in Calloway County back in Bow season. The meat is in the freezer. I am still going for a buck this year, but I'll take another doe if I have to.


6 pointer
Apr 16, 2008
I killed a doe with My bow the first weekend in Nov. but couldn't get a picture to post , going to buy bonus tags and try to put a few more in the freezer before the season is over.


8 pointer
Oct 5, 2004
cox\'s creek, ky, USA.
I killed two does with my bow and a 3 1/2 year old 9 pointer 140ish and guided two hunts whom both connected. A nice 8 around 130 and a ten around 130. A little smaller than I was going to take but just couldnt let him walk. The next day after I tagged the landowner told the other guy that hunts the property I had tagged out and he went down to my honey whole and shot my Big 10 that i was originally hunting. Doesnt pay to tell your secrets.

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