How long could you survive?

Discussion in 'Community Forum' started by High Rack, Feb 6, 2021.

  1. High Rack

    High Rack 12 pointer

    Dec 21, 2009
    in the hills
    With the Kung Flu, lockdowns, and China Joe and Camel toe at the helm, things in our country are not good. We have seen shortages on every spectrum of this economy, and we have watched how the local, state and federal have really frigged up the response.

    So, here we are getting ready to go over 30 Trillion in debt in the next month, and our borders are getting set to open, and Socialism is staring us in the face I do not have a clue where the breaking point is, but we can not be far off. The Fed owns 42% of our debt on the books.....Think about that, this is not a government agency, rather a private entity that controls our economy. We all know or should know that "Real" inflation is running between 8-9%, not the phony BS the Goobs give out every year.

    Some pretty smart people have said that if we lose the petro dolla,."World reserve currency" you will wake up one morning and we all will have lost 25% of your money, then it will only get worse through time. We all got to watch this happen in Venezuela, our grandparents got to watch it in Germany.

    Are you ready? Do you have the right things on hand? Do you have some cash close by, not in a bank? Do you have enough food for a couple of months? Do you have any "Real" money? I am not asking anyone to answer the above questions on here, but ask yourselves, ask your kids or anyone else you care about, because it can happen here, it will eventually happen here, and you will have no warning when it does.

    I only post this, as I am very worried what we are leaving to the next few generations, that includes my kids and my grandkids. I know that this country will Never be able to pay down the debt, as well as all the other countries that went all in, which is why it has not happened already....But that is just my opinion
  2. riverboss

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    Jan 26, 2009
    northern ky
    Hank Williams Jr said it best in a country boy can survive!
    No worries, I ain't scared I can survive as long as I need to, i have the skills and I won't miss a beat.
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  3. baknblack

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    Jan 30, 2014
    Henry County
    No body can ever be prepared enough for that. I've been working at it for 5 years and, seem to get closer every day. Preparing is expensive and, a never ending process.
  4. Carl

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    Dec 1, 2003
    Western Kentucky
    I have often wondered what I would do if the US was hit with multiple EMP attacks. Suddenly everything went Black. No electric, no water, no grocery stores, no vehicles, Back to horse and buggy days. Not many would survive. This would be as bad or worse than being nuked.
    The military couldn't even help unless they walked. This would be something the Chi-coms would do. A real life "Red Dawn". Red army parachuting into all major cities then moving to rural areas. This would be the end.
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  5. Ataulbe1

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    Oct 27, 2017
    Estill County
    I'd guess food and water is the weak spot for most people. At least long term. Unless you have a well and some cattle.
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  6. baknblack

    baknblack 10 pointer

    Jan 30, 2014
    Henry County
    The biggest threat for an EMP is from our own sun.
    Surviving just to eat and stay warm and dry without a trusted community of friends would be damn near impossible.
    Hopefully it never happens.
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  7. HuntressOfLight

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    Nov 23, 2019
    Guarding my lovely bluebirds
    Seems to be the correct disposition; albeit, my personal opinion is that Saint Matthew said it best. That disciple was once a tax collector, if I correctly understand. 6&version=KJV

    Granted, I doubt that I ever heard Hank William's, Jr. My father never liked his music, claiming that it was not real country music. Surprisingly, I have been listening to his preferred Hank Williams, Sr. a bit this year, long after howling to it like a dog and simply in order to razz my father, when I was but a mere child, lol. I still cannot tolerate the yodeling parts, though. That's a bit too much for me.

    Regardless, I do believe that High Rack is correct in calling out the current administration for many of its ways, as well as attempting to warn others. The size of government must be drastically reduced and regulations lifted, which is the polar opposite of the current administration's Marxist perspective. It would be wise to refrain from becoming wickedly idle and prepare for the ramifications, instead, as Saint Paul instructed:

    while also refraining from worrying about tomorrow. At times easier said than done for many, I realize.

    Midterm elections will be critical, and I believe that the Democrats will lose many seats within both chambers of the House, come then. One and more can only pray and hope for the best, as well as vote and encourage others to do the same. I think that I wrote it only yesterday or the previous day that true conservatives must be elected and appointed, in order to issue a hard to port command and successfully carry out the maneuver after midterms.

    Calling and writing officials in the meantime would not hurt, while also offering them prayer. There exist plenty of ways to assist them without giving donations of money, saving such for tithes to your community church, instead. That's my opinion.
  8. Trapper Delk

    Trapper Delk 12 pointer

    Feb 10, 2020
    Central Kentucky.
    You know the bad part is most on here would get by but the people in towns, city's that just have the slightest idea how to wipe there rear much less find food and eat
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  9. woodsman92

    woodsman92 8 pointer

    Feb 16, 2019
    Russell Co
    Believe I could make due but it surely would be a learning curve. You can think you know what you’d do to survive, but when it actually comes to it I believe it would be a lot harder than most imagine. Then there will be the threat of protecting what is yours from the people that live in the city that come out here trying to take what is ours.

    But my real survival plan at the moment, is start growing out my beard, order a pair of suspenders, and slip into the local Amish community as the long lost cousin. Think they will have a problem with me bringing in a small Arsenal with me?
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  10. Regulator623

    Regulator623 12 pointer

    Nov 16, 2006
    Eastern Kentucky
    I've been trying to wrap my head around all this myself....didn't think the end game would occur in my, I'm not so sure.
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  11. Trapper Delk

    Trapper Delk 12 pointer

    Feb 10, 2020
    Central Kentucky.
    Naw. They like guns!
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  12. It would a eye opener,all jokes aside it would be tough
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  13. bgkyarcher

    bgkyarcher 12 pointer

    Aug 23, 2011
    We’d be fine for 3-4 weeks after losing electricity. After that, we’d have to go to inlaws. We could survive their forever.
  14. Trapper Delk

    Trapper Delk 12 pointer

    Feb 10, 2020
    Central Kentucky.
    Things have gotten to modern these days I mean there's generator's now yes I know no gas but I bet I can make something clear that run one well it might melt LoL
  15. timer

    timer 10 pointer

    Feb 20, 2013
    La Grange
    An EMP attack would be horrible. We wouldn't be in horse and buggy days, because the skills required during the horse and buggy days don't exist in today's society.
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