How far away would u put your ecalller and decoy

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    Dec 23, 2011
    ive heard place it 30 to 50 yrds but the problem i have is over the years i have suffered from a SEVERE HEARING LOSS and if i place it very far from me i cant even tell if its playing thats when i got in to a very bad habit of turning it up so i could hear it (BAD MOVE ON MY PART) but since then i have quit that but i have to place the caller closer to me to know if its even playing any one have suggestions any one who has lost thier hearing know how frustrateing it is not to be able to hear i wish i could hear my hound treed at nite or a pack of beagles running or an old pack of yotes howling and raising hell, never tried hearing aids cant afford them
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    I too am losing my hearing. They keep telling me it comes with age. Ticks me off some now when I can't be sure of where sounds are coming from as accurately as I used too.

    The louder you run them, the more the e-noise comes through.And I know of some who ran them loud enough that I COULD HEAR THEM CLEARLY AT TWO MILES AWAY.

    Get some one who's hearing is good to listen to it at various distances and keep a good record of what the volume was set at under various contditions. You want them to just be able to hear it at the prefered distance for that condition.Lets say the winds are at twenty MPH and the caller is at eighty yards. Turn it up until they can just barely hear it at that distance.

    Setup is also going to be more dificult for you as well. Its not something that can't be overcome. Knew a man totally deaf that hunted coyotes on a regular basis in some pretty tough terrain. He used the methods I just described to set up his e-caller. But he had to learn to set up where he had the best visibilty possibleover a larger area. You need situations where you can call them to the edge of fields to get them to take a peak.Fencerows and field corners are perfect for you. Set caller and decoy up wind from you, and out in the field away from woods edge. This will get them to come to the edge to look and stop for a shot, hopefully close enough for a gravy shot. A decoy will give you more time to spot and shoot.Jimmie
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