How do you handle trespassers


6 pointer
Oct 7, 2015
I said when i bought my farm in SC ,two years ago , i would prosecute the hell out of anyone i caught trespassing. Caught the first guy this year in a tree with a damn posted sign on it! I got him down from the tree and talked to him. I actually believed his story about being misinformed by the neighbor that gave him permission. Got his name and sent him packing. I was mad as fk and i think he caught the drift.
Caught my neighbors brother this weekend tracking a buck he bow shot. Thought at first it was the POS on the other side of me who had been nice enough to look after the land like he owned it before I bought it. Left a bunch of trash, corn sacks, piss bottles all over the place.

Well turned out to be the other neighbor. They recently bought the track next door and he was “visiting” from out of state. The owners are nice people but not sure they “get it” The brother lied like a rug. Knew he was lying and called the owner and talked about better marking the line. The stand was on my land as well which they will be removing. Since I will end up living next to them didn’t get the law involved and was fairly nice about it. If it happens again however it will be a different story.

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